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For Beloved One Launches In Canada

One of the things I love the most about being a blogger is getting to try out new and innovative products, especially if those products are going to make my skin look and feel younger. So I have to admit, I got super girly and giggly when I was asked to review For Beloved One – a Taiwanese Skin Care Brand that has recently landed on Canada’s doorstep.

Now if you haven’t heard of For Beloved One, it’s been all the rage in Asia. For good reason, too. It actually works, especially the masks. For Beloved One facial masks are unlike any other. If you haven’t checked out at least one of their products, I recommend that one of the masks for sure.

It’s no doubt that For Beloved One most popular product is the Bio-Cellulose Mask. This mask is unique creating an almost jelly-like peel for the skin that both sticks and breathes while you have it on. It’s kinda cool actually and it’s non-drying as with many facial masks. There are 3 masks available which were sent to me.

  • Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask – brightens up the skin and reduces blemishes, moisturizing the skin’s cells.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Mask – Locks in moisture to help keep the skin looking fresh and youthful; and
  • Extreme Hydration Bio-Cellulose Mask – Amazing hydration and great as a before or after makeup or bedtime routine.

In addition to the facial masks, I received several of For Beloved One’s best sellers from their skincare line and sister line For Beloved Girl. My favorite is the above Advanced Anti-Aging Cream . Lord knows I need me some of that! (wrinkles be gone). I love the smooth complexity of the cream. It’s non-drying and yet not greasy or oily on my face. My skin feels like velvet and refreshed while wearing it.

Beloved One Also Offers:

  • Mandelic Acid Line – for blemish and acne control over your skin’s breakdown of cells.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Line – to hydrate the skin, breathe life back into the dryness you feel day to day; and
  • Brightening Line – for those of us who want to look more radiant in our complexions.

Margaret Wu is the founder of For Beloved One. Why launch in Canada? Well, it’s interesting to know this product line has been around globally and has been used all the over including in Australia, Singapore, and Japan since 2003. Us Canadians want to look and feel younger, too thus the North American launch to appease fans here. And boy are we glad!

For Beloved Carries Gift Sets! 

Advanced Anti-Aging Ceramide Squalene Moisturizing Cream Duo Set  includes Two Moisturizers for $79.99 provides skin with a concentrated amount of energy needed throughout the night and enhances the skin’s self-defense and abilities for an ageless and youthful appearance overall.

Hyaluronic Acid GHK-Cu Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Mask Duo Set includes two sets of masks for $79.99 (compare at $63/box of three) Hyaluronic Acid is a key ingredient to provide skin with deep hydration and as a result, fight against aging. The bio-cellulose technology has a web- like  fibre  that actively seeks the skin’s grooves and fine lines to infuse serum deep into the skin’s surface

For Beloved Girl Extreme Moisture Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask Jumbo Pack includes Three boxes of masks for $22.99 (compare at $13/box of three) For Beloved Girl is new to Canada; the brand launches early May 2017 with Active Hyaluronic Acid that provides all-day moisture to create plumpness and luminosity in the skin. Cloud-silk technology is crafted from top-grade cotton and textile materials is transparent and has a high degree of elasticity, to provide complete coverage

You are never too old to take care of your skin. In fact, start now and make a commitment to a better and healthier you by trying out unique products like For Beloved One. Sold at T & T Supermarkets across Canada.

Have You Tried Beloved One Yet?

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