Save Money Buying Your Glasses Online

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I received glasses for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Wearing eyeglasses is not something I ever thought I would have to do. I mean, I realized getting older, my eyes might wane in sight a little. But I never expected I would have to wear prescription glasses. I most certainly wasn’t prepared for how expensive they can be either.

So when I was offered an opportunity to try out glasses from, I was super excited! A part me always wondered if buying glasses online was more affordable, and if so would they be worth wearing? Or would they simply just fall apart?

I was eager to find out. offers not only sunglasses that are amazing, in all shapes and sizes. They also offer prescription glasses for both men and women, and they even have glasses for kids that are stylish, durable and above all — affordable.

Ordering my glasses online was super easy. Make sure you visit your eye doctor to get your proper prescription written down as you are going to need this.

I didn’t need a prescription for my sunglasses as my prescription is for reading only when I’m at the computer or with a book in my hand. I love that I have the opportunity to order prescription glasses online for less than half the cost of my regular glasses purchased at my optometrist.

Who doesn’t love to save money???

glassesshopcom affordablesunglasses
the bigger the sunglasses the better –

Sunglasses That Rock With Style!

My sunglasses are great big round – movie star glasses, which are my absolute favorite style to wear. The Zoro Round comes in 3 different shades. I chose the Champagne/Silver with Mirror Coating.

I love that the stems of the sunglasses have a giant pearl on each end, making them unique and extremely comfortable to wear. The Zoro’s also come in black and turquoise. I am definitely going to order the turquoise next as the color just pops.

The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the mirror coating. It’s not bad, it’s just for myself, I prefer sunglasses that protect and shade my eyes but still allow enough clarity for me to see when driving. These glasses are a tad bit on the darker side.

However, that being said. I would definitely wear them out to the lake, swimming at the beach, to protect my eyes from the blazing sun shining above.

The Zoro glasses are $29.99 and well worth the price.

reading glasses from round harry potter style

Reading Glasses That Are Sure To Get You Noticed!

When it came time to pick out my reading glasses, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical that would be able to get my prescription right. But happily, I was wrong. Not only did they get my reading prescription right… I actually love these glasses more than the ones I got from my optometrist.

I ordered the Glenview Round glasses in black.

They are huge and I love it. My son immediately said, “Mom, you got Harry Potter glasses!” and he’s right. They are a bit like Harry’s, only larger, and for some reason help me see better than the square ones I picked out last year from my eye-doctor.

I definitely recommend you guys go and check out They make finding glasses super easy, and I really like that I can upload a photo and try on some glasses so I can see how they will look on me.

The best part though — the price! has affordable lenses that are made of better quality than I thought they would be. Right now, you can pick out one pair of glasses and get a second pair free!

I don’t know about you but free is good.

I wish to thank for allowing me to try their glasses out. You’ve made a shopper out of me, and I am definitely going to be picking up more pairs. My next pair will be prescription sunglasses for when I’m driving.

Where do you buy your sunglasses or prescription glasses? Have you ever bought a pair of sunglasses online? Share with us where in the comments below…

P.S. 5 ways to know if you need glasses or not and Super cool sunglasses for 30th Anniversary of Shark Week!

( Photos by Just Jodi )

30th Anniversary Shark Week Sunglasses Are Super Cool!

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shark week woman and shark

Shark Week has become a national holiday at San Diego-based sunglass company Knockaround, and this year they are excited to launch 2018 Shark Week sunglasses. These are the 4th installment of their annual Shark Week in conjunction with Discovery. It’s Shark Week’s 30th Anniversary, the massively successful week-long program which is dedicated to the mysterious marine animals that have long been misunderstood, and Knockaround celebrates in style with these amazing cool shades!

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Headline T-Shirts // Fashion With A Cause

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Buying gifts is easier I think if you put things into categories such as Things for Coffee Lovers or The Movie Fanatic. What about the Gamer? Or how about The Pet Lover. Categories makes buying gifts so much better as you can look for specific items you know that your friends or family might need. Like for mom, it’s anything having to do with Home Decor.

Sometimes I’m at a loss for what to get my siblings or friends whenever holidays come around. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, Mother’s Day are always in need of gifts. So, when it comes to shopping, I try to be practical and get things I know that people will either A.) NEED or B.) WANT.

Cat and dog and animal lovers are important even during the holidays. Headline has some pretty unique gifts and tees creating funny, satire, intellectual clothing that is high-quality and perfect for those whose fur-family member mean the most to them. If you are an animal lover or just a tee shirt lover in general,  you will love Headline.

This onesie is super cute . I love how it says raised by wolves. I mean you know that has to be right. Cost = $20

I especially love this Don’t Stop Believing T-shirt with Pigs Flying on it. Cost $24.00 and this is one I gotta have in my collections. If you find a shirt for women you like, I can almost guarantee that you will find the same one for men.

Speaking of men. Headline doesn’t just have tee-shirt and sweatshirts, they have super fantastic socks for men like these ones I got for my husband “My Little Friend” because he’s a huge huge Godfather freak.

Like I said, Headline has quality clothing and a little something for everyone from socks to ball caps, to tote bags. These items make great stocking stuffers, gifts for office party exchanges or just to give to someone you love. Headline’s prices are more than reasonable for custom clothing like this.


Shop Stocking Stuffers From Under Armour

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Sometimes it’s the smallest gifts that pack the biggest punch. From insulated water bottles to sunglasses, Under Amour’s stocking stuffers are little gifts that offer big performance.

UA Beyond 18 oz. Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle 

This isn’t your ordinary water bottle. Built with an active lifestyle in mind, it uses vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold for up to 14 hours. It would make a perfect gift for the busy student or commuter.


UA Big Logo No-Show – 6 Pack

These super-soft women’s socks provide all-day comfort no matter the activity. The embedded arch support helps reduce foot fatigue so there’s no slowing down. They make a great gift for the person who loves their plain white socks but can always use a pop of color.


UA Getaway Storm Polarized Sunglasses

These classic unisex aviators can be dressed up or down to match any look. The polarized lenses eliminate glare for clearer vision and reduced eye fatigue without color distortion. A fail-proof gift for the person with a different pair of shades for each day of the week or for the person just starting to wear them.


5 Best Sneaker Brands For You and The Kids

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Sneakers are a class of footwear that will never die out. They are the most versatile product you can wear on your feet. They are comfortable, perfect for chilling out or running around town. But they also aren’t the cheapest, and you get what you pay for. So what are the top 5 sneaker brands for you and your kids that will not only look great but last a long time? 

1. Adidas


Adidas NMD Chukka Black / Photo credit: Adidas

Adidas right now are the most sought after brand on the market. Their retro styles are back and the kids are going crazy over them. Mix that with their booming clothing range, and Adidas are the superstars of sneakers!  Look for online retailers that carry great deals on Adidas Footwear and you don’t have to break the bank finding the right pair to fit your families needs!


2. Nike

Nike Rosh Runs / Photo credit: Nike

Nike Rosh Runs / Photo credit: Nike

The ever popular brand of Nike has always had a reputation that is trustworthy because they make brilliant products that are durable and suitable for any outfit. Nike Rosh Runs shown above in the ever blessed Marvel Adventure are amazing for kids. 


3. New Balance

New Balance 574 / Photo credit: New Balance

New Balance 574 / Photo credit: New Balance

A brand my parents used to buy us growing up, New Balance sneakers have always been a go-to choice for parents  when it comes to wearing them for physical activity. New Balance 574 are just one of many styles which are sleek, comfortable and will last a long time. 


4. Asics


Asics Marble Wear

Asics is an ideal brand for your family as their sneakers are specifically designed to protect your feet during exercise to make sure kids don’t injury themselves, which parents want. A tad more on the expensive side, but well worth the extra money. You get a premium product with a wide variety of styles to choose from. 


5. Sketchers



Still and probably always will be one of my favorite brands of sneakers – Sketchers are a more affordable and much more comfortable alternative to other brands. Not to mention they are highly attractive. Sketchers are built like pillows for your feet, made with something called memory foam insoles to adapt to your foots shape and weight, allowing breathability with plenty of cushion to keep you going all day long. 

With so many brands the choice can be hard but the most important thing is to buy a pair of sneakers that are comfortable and ones that fit your style, foot and reason for use. 

What’s your favorite brand of sneaker to wear? Let us know and chime in below. 


2016 Summer Plus-Size Bathing Suits Worth Buying

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Every summer I get a new swim suit. As a fit-fab-forty something mom with plus-size pouches, finding a suit I love is almost impossible as the start of the season which is why I wait till end of the season. Looking online I came across some amazing deals and some great places us plus-size and pretty gals can pick up our end of summer bathing suits worth buying. 

La Blanca Range 

Anne Cole Island Time Twist Front Tankini

Bottoms $24 – Top $31 


anne cole island twist front tankini bottom 24 top 31

We love the colors of this island swim set. The top is radiant with flashes of orange and yellows mixed with a warm peachy/red. The blue bottom contrast offsetting the light blue in the top makes this suit a winner!  Check out the La Blanca Range for more styling options.



Sea Padded Bikini Swim Top 

Bottoms $50 – Top $20


padded-bikini-topThis retro / hipster style short set with bikini top is fantastic. We’re loving the pink on black making you ready for the sand and sun.  Buy it from Penningtons.



Sexy Halter Sleeveless Spliced High Waist Bikini Set For Women

$14.00 for the set


bikiniThis adorable 2 piece comes in sizes up to 4x and is so pretty in pink. I love how looks and the halter top being sleeveless is a bonus. I also love how high-waisted the bottoms are.  Grab this set from Rosegal



Anne Cole Color Blast Tankini 

Bottoms $24 – Top $28

Anne Cole Women's Plus Size Color Blast Twist Front Shirred Tankini Swim Top

Another gorgeous suit from SwimSuitsDirect. This is soooooo plus-size and pretty in a hot pink from Anne Cole. The top has a twist style while the bottom a straight line that accents the curves and makes this suit look like a hot dress you wear for a night on the town.  



Women’s Stylish Tribal Print Unlined Plus Size One Piece Swimwear



1458262187358521411I’m in love with this blue, underwater type gorgeous swim suit from Rosegal. It’s just beautiful, like a dress and very flattering and pretty. Also comes in larger sizes to fit your needs like 4xL . 



Blue Lagoon 2 piece Swim Suit



bluelagoonThis blue lagoon blue sweetheart suit is perfect for anyone wanting a flattering neckline and a sexy bottom skirt with a rippling wave like the ocean. You can pick up this set from Sears


Forever 21 Plus

Sheeny Bikini Swim Suit Silver Set

Bottoms $10 – Top $15

forever21Another one of my favorite stores in this list Forever 21 has lots of suits to choose from. I’m loving this retro shiny silver top and bottom mix. Who says a fluffy girl can’t wear a bikini? Plus the price is right. You can buy it from Forever 21. 

So you see there are some really cute suits around. Shopping online offers great deals. I’d never be able to afford a bathing suit in-store which is why I love these top shops for finding the right bathing suit to fit my needs.