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Why I love Svelte Leggings With Built in Shapewear

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Do you remember wearing jeans? The kind that had buttons? Yeah, it’s been a long time for me, too. I think the last time I had on a pair of jeans was when my oldest son (now eighteen) was in diapers just learning to walk. Three pregnancies and nearly twenty-years later, and leggings have sadly become my best friend! 

I love leggings. Don’t get me wrong. Leggings are super comfy, affordable, and stretchy. Not to mention they hide all my wobbly bits so others can’t see them when paired with a cute long sleeve shirt and denim jacket. Leggings are one of the most versatile pair of pants out there for plus-size mamas such as myself. But now and then I get the urge to wear something denim, to look normal and slip on my cowboy boots or sandals with a cute tank and stroll around town.


The issue? Jeans hurt my tummy and worse I look horrible in them. And in horrible I mean when I sit down you can see every roll, every nook and cranny and they are so tight, hiding nothing. Fake jeans look horrible as well. At least that’s what I thought until I came across Svelte Leggings with built-in Body shape Wear. A plus-size or any-size woman’s dream come true! 

Why Svelte? 

First off Svelte Leggings and Apparel are sold across Canada!

The jeans/leggings are straight cut which I love in a classic indigo denim color. Yet, they are soft with an invisible panel wrapped around the waist line that stretches from naval to your coochie.

Yeah, I said coochie. 

And my favorite part is that they keep my entire flabby stomach well-supported and hidden (silhouetted) and smooth looking. I was completely taken by surprise at how great Svelte denim leggings felt. 

Here I am trying on my jeans for the first time. My tank top is way too baggy but I can’t wait to wear these babies with a blouse and my boots and denim jacket!

No More Pain! 

With sizes up to 2 xl and a cost of $112 bucks (I know ouch) but honestly worth every single penny. These jeans have become my favorite piece in my wardrobe. I can wear them rolled up, down, with boots and a jacket, a blouse and blazer, or even a tank and sandals and I get tons of compliments on how well they fit my body. I ordered the largest size and the only complaint (not the companies fault) is I had to hem them because of my smurfy size legs. 

No more muffin top. No more leg swelling from trying to squeeze my thighs into skinny jeans only to rub friction holes while I walk. No more wrestling with zippers while huffing and puffing lying flat on my back across the bed, praying for a little help from Gods to cinch in my wobbly bits so I can actually do the pants up. 

Svelte Leggings and Denim Leggings are my rock-star, go-to, wear all the time new LuLu’s made of cotton and spandex that is not thin but thick and comfortable I can wear them all day long! Svelte Leggings aren’t just for plus-size women either. They range in size and are made for everyone. My next pair will be the tie up Capri leggings for summer. I can’t wait to try them out! 


If you are looking for body-shape wear clothing that is comfortable, worth the money and versatile so you can wear it each and every day, I urge you to check out as they have a variety of clothes to fit all sizes. Leggings, tank tops, shorts, skirts, wide-legged pants. You name it and Svelte has you covered. And now if you sign up for their newsletter you can get 20% off your first order! 

Do you wear leggings? Tell us what you love about them. 

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