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Tips On Taking Summer Picnics and Road Trips

One thing I absolutely love about summer is taking a road trip.  And because I have boys who are always hungry, going on a road trip means packing a picnic lunch. Health Canada has some advice for parents on what to pack and bring while road tripping.

I love trail mix, so do my boys. They love the homemade mixture because you can throw anything in it.  My kids also love; cucumber coins, cherries, watermelon, pb & banana sandwiches, strawberries with yogurt dipping, salad and a few other goodies which I pack along when go on a family adventure.

What to bring on a family picnic!

Plates and Cutlery – You can pick up camping plates and cutlery or paper plates and plastic forks and spoons to take with you while having a picnic.  I opt for paper plates because they are disposable and I always look for ones that are enviro-friendly so nothing goes to waste.

Blanket – You can’t have a picnic without a soft blanket to sit on.  I know some people opt to bring chairs, but there’s nothing like sitting on the blanket on the beach or grass with your family to enjoy a meal on the road.

Plastic or Resealable Containers – I find using ziploc baggies, resealable containers like tupperwear for our fruits and veggies to put into our picnic basket makes it easier to keep things fresh and put away when the kids want to go and play in the sun.

Garbage Bag – Don’t leave a mess no matter where you are. Have a garbage bag on hand so you can clear out the left overs and keep the wild animals from getting at things that could potentially harm them and the environment.

Ice Packs – Help keep things cool by bringing ice packs along with you.  They help to not only keep your food cold but drinks also. Nobody likes a warm drink on a hot sunny day.

Napkins or Wet Wipes – I cannot tell you how many times we’ve had a picnic and my LO has asked for a wet nap to wash his hands after eating. Now I don’t go anywhere without them.

What do you pack in your picnic basket for your family?

Disclosure: I partnered with Health Canada. All opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for reading!

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