Budget Friendly Summer Activities For Kids That Won’t Break The Bank

It’s always the same. School breaks out and almost immediately I can hear the whining begin. “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do. I want to go somewhere.”  Kids are running rampant with so much energy, yet there aren’t many activities at the start of summer to help keep them occupied. At least not ones that are cheap for parents on a disability or budget.

Kids today don’t play the way we used. We couldn’t wait to go outside as summer began, to play Hide n’ Seek, Kick the Can, Manhunt. We didn’t sit inside with our eyes glued to an Xbox.

We lived and breathed the outdoors. We used our imaginations. Rode our bikes. Engaged in playtime with our friends having sleepovers, and never asked our parents to create summer fun for us.

I went online and found some great ideas to both engage your little ones and teens with some fantastic activities to help keep the whining to a minimum, and all without costing an arm and a leg.

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Kids Bowl Free

This is one you’ve most likely already heard of but fantastic. Kids all over can bowl free in their respective cities at local bowling alleys. It cost nothing to sign up. Kids get 2 games free every day of summer. And if parents want to bowl with them then there is a one-time fee of $20 bucks that’s it. There is the cost of shoe rentals. But you could look online and buy shoes for the whole family, and make a weekly tradition of going bowling.

Skate Parks

There is one in every city and they provide hours of fun for kids. Truth is kids love being outside. There are a couple of local skate parks out here in Abbotsford your kids will love. It’s a chance for kids to make new friends, too.

Water Park

What kid doesn’t like getting wet. Water parks can be found in your local city or town. And if you don’t have one, head to Walmart and pick up a hose and sprinkler. But if you do head to the park, pack a picnic and take along some snacks along with a blanket. Don’t forget the sunscreen and a smile. 

Take A Drive

Kids love road trips. Parents, too. There’s nothing like going on an adventure to have some fun. We love hopping in the car to take a trip to some unknown place we’ve never been before. Every city or town has a country road to explore with neat activities to find along the way. The cost in gas is cheap compared to spending the day at the zoo. Bring some music to groove to some tunes and roll your windows down for some fun!

Go For A Walk

Walking is not only great exercise but it can lead you on a path to unexplored territory. Here in BC, we don’t get to walk as much as we’d like since much of the time it rains here. So when summer hits, we take the kids for a walk with a mission.

Make a map of areas around town close to you and make it a fun activity by going on a scavenger hunt along the way. Explore new shops and by the end of your day your feet might be sore but the kids will have a blast!

Local Community Events

There is always something going on in our community and surrounding communities as I’m sure there are in yours. Check your local listings for free family events like movies in the park, music by the seawall, festivals or local street markets. Even your city pool may have loonie or twoonie swims.

Finding fun activities to do isn’t that hard, and if you are willing to spend a few bucks you can always check out your local museums, zoo’s, aquariums, science centers, and other great activities to help keep your kids busy this summer!

What do you do with your kids in the summer to keep them busy?

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