5 Ways To Know Whether You Need Glasses Or Not

Are you straining your eyes when your on the computer or trying to read something? Lately, I have been feeling it. Well, actually about six months ago I noticed that reading and working on the computer was getting more and more difficult for me.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t see at all. Just everything began getting a little more blurry. I’m only 43 years old. Surely my eyesight couldn’t be going. Yet, with age our eyes tend to lose focus. So how do you know if you need glasses or not? 

The Eye Exam

Okay so first thing is first. I needed an eye exam. I went to my doctor and booked an appointment. He put this stuff in my eye which stung like a hornet’s nest – let me tell you.

But after it was over, my results were pretty okay. I wasn’t going blind. I was just getting older and putting unnecessary strain on my eyes. I got a prescription for reading glasses.

Where to Shop for Glasses?

When it came to going out and buying glasses, I was naive and expected them to cheap. Boy, was I wrong! Glasses are frigging expensive, at least in the shops around town. So a friend suggested I look online.

Frames are much cheaper online and yet made with the same quality other glasses shops use. After doing some research, reading reviews and what not, I settled on The GlassesShop to get my new pair of eye-wear. 

The first thing I noticed right away when entering GlassesShop site was deals, deals and more deals.

Get up to 50% off when you sign up for their email & get 25% off for referring a friend.

The deals are awesome. I love saving money. But I also needed glasses that were going to benefit my vision and not harm it. So I wondered how good was the quality of their product? 

The GlassesShop tagline reads: Online Eyeglasses Doctor Quality. 

I picked the red ones above ( Fresno Round clip-on ) because I was going to use these to read, be on my laptop and while driving to read some signs. So I figured having a combo of glasses and sunglasses would be cool. 

5 Ways To Know Whether You Need Glasses

  1. Bumping into or tripping over things you didn’t see right in front of you.
  2. Squinting, frequent headaches, rubbing your eyes a lot nausea and fatigue.
  3. Unable to see far away signs or street names while driving.
  4. Unable to see up close. Blurry vision. 
  5. Sitting too long in front of a digital screen. 

Ordering Online

Ordering glasses online or anything for that matter is a simple breeze. I chose the ones I wanted and then I sat anxiously waiting for them to arrive. 

GlassesShop offers free shipping on all order over $49 bucks. And right now they have a deal for the rest of October. All women’s glasses are 50% off in order to support breast cancer awareness this month. My glasses were only $45 bucks so that’s a great deal! 

Getting the right glasses should be fun. I love mine. Although I’m not sure how I look in them. It’s funny how glasses change up the way you see yourself. Mind you I can actually see myself. LOL Whether you order online or in a store. It doesn’t matter. Just make sure your prescription is the right one for you and that you are happy with the glasses you get. 

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