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Get Kid Friendly Stickers For Kids

I love labels. Not just because they help to organize and put a name to what belongs to who, but labels are a way to help keep things where you need them. Over the years many label places and businesses have branch out into making labels more fun like Sticker Kid Canada Labels, Décor & Fun. My son is always losing things. It never fails, especially in school. So having labels makes it so much easier to keep his things organized and finding them that much simpler. But Sticker Kid is more than just labels.

Christmas Tree Door or Wall Decals


This cool Christmas decoration accent includes a tree and personalized first name at the bottom. You could put a family name or something else if you wish. The tree stands 59 inches tall and contains 50 elements to it.

Seasonal Posters


Spice up any room in your home with personalized posters. This makes your holiday décor unique. You can choose your favorite background color, and even write your own Holiday wish plus add your family name. This also makes a great gift for someone to enjoy the festive season.

Personalized Wall or Door Décor


That’s my little nest is one of the cutest home decor from Sticker Kids decals from Sticker Kid. I ordered this one for my bathroom door. Instead of a name I put the word Washroom on it so that visitors know where to go. It’s adorable and everyone compliments me on it when they see it. It just adds a little personal touch to the home.

Labels The Way You Want


From shoe labels, to iron labels to square labels for lunch containers, Sticker Kid has you covered. You can order labels in individual groups or pick up a value pack like the 230 Custom Camp Pack for Kids like I did with a little bit of everything included.


I ordered Trace the pack and love that I was able to personalize them. My son chose a ninja for his icon and one of my favorite aspects for creating labels with Sticker Kid is that you can now attach a phone number or email so that items lost will be returned.


Sticker Kid creates 100% customizable labels that are high quality print in the colors of your choice. They are incredible strong and durable, backed by a 10 year warranty on durability, color sharpness and scratch resistance. No other label company offers this that I know of.


Sticker Kids labels are weatherproof which is important when you have little ones running around. Sand, sun and sea will not harm your labels. Labels are also suitable for the dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator plus they are washer and dryer resistant.


Sticker Kids is one of the best label makers I’ve ever had the chance to work with. Their labels are great for kindergarten, school, vacation, summer camps, toys, sports and afterschool programs. Follow Sticker Kid on Facebook for the latest news, discounts and surprises. 


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