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Step into Italy with OPI Venice Collection for Fall / Winter 2015. One of the greatest collection from OPI is here. The OPI Venice Collection has 15 shades in it, and each one has been added to OPI’s regular line-up which I’m so stoked about because that means they won’t be discontinued and always available!
The OPI Venice collection is inspired by “Sumptuous elegance and grandiose splendour of the floating city” which it really is. I traveled to Venice when I was a kid, and it truly is remarkable in both its beauty and food, wine and people. This collection boasts rich colors — purple, tuscany style oranges and blues, bold black and a few that might take you by surprise, along with 3 limited edition shades which I’m going to showcase for you today–plus a little nail art. So let’s get going.

Gimmie A Lido Kiss

Rich red, bold and Tuscany type color. Gimmie A Lido Kiss is one of my favorite reds in the OPI Venice Collection and definitely a color for fall/winter.

A Great Opera-tunity

One of my absolute favorite colors in this collection. Takes two coats to cover and is so rich in color it is hard not to notice. A creamy color it reminds me of a blush wine. Mmmmmm wine.

Gelato on My Mind

A light blue (not sky) but more a robins egg in color and extremely pretty. It falls more in the Winter category as an icy pale blue that is sure to highlight your fingers this season.

Be There in A Prosecco

A rich and creamy color, great for weddings, a simple day out walking in the snow, it’s pure elegance when wearing it. Takes two coats plus a top coat to bring out the true color and richness.

Amore At The Grand Canal

The richest color in the OPI Venice Collection. It’s not a bright red but a bold and robust color that has a hint of a darker hues to it. It reminds me of red rustic bricks or the color of a tapestry hanging in the kitchen while cooking. Almost like hot peppers. It’s truly fantastic!

O Suzi Mio

Rich and dark purple this is one of my favorite in the collection. I’m not a huge fan of purple, especially dark purple but this color is so rich and so tantalizing, it screams for you to brighten up your wintry shades and throw caution to the wind.

My Gondola or Yours?

One of the boldest blacks from OPI to date, this is staying in my collection forever! My Gondola or Yours begs to be played with, either stand alone or in nail art. It’s rich in color and super dark and thick. Two coats is best for optimum coverage.

I Cannoli Wear OPI

Not a true white but very creamy in color. This is very elegant, it’s hard to explain. It’s not a yucky white by any means, like white out from certain other nail lacquers I won’t mention, this color goes on very nice. Two coats is best even three is better. Add a glossy top coat and your in business!

It’s a Piazza Cake

Featured in the nail art gallery, this color is one of my favorites. Bold and rich it’s a toss between a fiery red and burnt orange. The color is truly remarkable. It totally makes me think of leaves in the fall, dancing on a deck under the moon, and singing to Frank Sinatra – who doesn’t love Frank?

Purple Pilazzo Pants

My mom’s favorite in this OPI Venice Collection because it reminds her of sunnier days, it’s a light lavender in color, but rich and bold and extremely creamy. Takes two coats and is very thick going on. Looks pretty with anything you wear.

Worth A Pretty Penny

I love bronze colors and this one ranks in my top 10. It truly lives up to its name, coppery in color, bold and statement making. I love playing with it doing nail art, and it’s also featured in the OPI gallery.

Limited Edition Colors

There are 3 limited edition colors in the OPI Venice Collection that are honestly worth a mention. Each one unique and adding to the Italy theme. Left to right we have Venice The Party – a unique blue teal color that is one of the nicest going on. Next Baroque but Still Shopping – a marble style color that has hints of moss and flecks of gold in it. And finally St. Marks The Spot – a rich darker blue bold in color and deep like the ocean.

The OPI Venice Collection is available right now from OPI and can be found at your local salons in both regular lacquers and gel lacquers. You can also check out Sally’s here in Abbotsford and Environtrends which carry many of the colors for you to add to your collection today!


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