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With the holiday season comes a new year, and with the new year comes my change in decor. I’m moving from a more contemporary color and furniture scheme, bright turquoise, oranges, deep purples, to something a little more earthy and rustic, browns, white, black, reds, beige and grays. 

I knew that I wanted wood and metal combined as it has a sense of warmth to it. So I jumped on Craig’s list and on Facebook and that’s when I came across a company here in the Valley that simply outshines all the others, which there aren’t many. That company is called The Plane & Nail Co. 


The first thing I noticed about The Plane & Nail Co. was their logo. I fell in love with it. Creative and yet it screams rustic and charming. I sat down with owner and creative director of The Plane & Nail Co., Geoff Moore and we got to talking.

Talking to Geoff is like talking to an old friend. A father to little ones, he’s laid back and relaxed, and yet passionate about what he does. He listens to his clients, their needs and wants, and I could tell that the aspect of creating something for each client was extremely important to him. 

How did you come up with the name for your business and where did you get the logo idea from?

I wanted to come up with a name and logo that well reflected my personality and the products and services that I provide. I have always had an interest in the many Gastown pubs and restaurants, especially the art deco and rustic pine and brick. That is where I got my inspiration. 

The Plane & Nail Co. offers so many unique designs and custom work from wood walls to wooden console tables, coffee tables, barn tables, chairs, wall shelves and more with pricing that is truly amazing I have to say. You can’t walk into a big furniture store and get this kind of hand crafted, hardwood, homemade wood wood work for the prices Geoff charges. Each one tailored specifically to each customer and made with their needs in mind. 


This rustic coffee table with metal corners and white country base is my next item on my furniture make-over. I’m so excited to see what Geoff does. I know it will look amazing in our home.


Another favorite of mine are these rustic wall shelves. I’m going to get a few to place around the living room and office area. I think these shelves add a touch of warmth from the outdoors. 


This is a custom desk Geoff and his crew made, floating off the floor. I love the barn-style doors they are unique and wonderful. I want a desk like this made but much much much smaller. Maybe only one door. The quality and craftsmanship you just can’t get anywhere else. 


What does the company mean to you and how you work with others coming up with designs people wish to have in their homes? 

The Plane & Nail Co. plans on being at the forefront of this boom by offering locally produced custom furniture, finishing and decor. The Plane & Nail Co. is one of only a small hand full of custom high quality furniture, decor and finishing contractors in BC. We focus on producing high-quality furniture and decor built from Canadian grown materials and producing rustic and contemporary furniture and products via our onsite shop. I feel our communication process, our transparency and products and materials used set us apart from the other builders out there. Our business intends to bring the experience of buying custom furniture and decor beyond a product built in a garage. 


The Plane & Nail Co. is located in the British Columbia country side town of Chilliwack and they specialize in Rustic Farmhouse Furniture & Decor where each piece is handmade from Canadian pine, created with a finish that speaks to the individual adding warmth to every room. 

The Plane & Nail Co offers Contracting and Finishing Services to help breath life into your home and office. Experienced in finishing carpentry and contract renovation services, no project is too small or large for Geoff and his team. They are tidy, professional and friendly, providing not only great customer service but amazing finished pieces you can enjoy for years to come.

It is not just the beauty of each piece of work, but the ability to add warmth and style to each room, creating stories and memories you can share with others. –  Geoff Moore – Creative Designer

10% off for the holidays until Jan 9th, 2017

Just use the code JUSTJODI

Right now until Jan 9th, 2017 if you order online or through the website or social media outlets, Geoff is offering 10% off on all orders using the code JUSTJODI at the time of ordering. How fantastic is that? Don’t wait because bookings fill up fast. You can reach Geoff at any of his social profiles.

Order Now from The Plane & Nail:
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If you wanted to order a piece from The Plane & Nail which piece would it be? Tell us in the comments below and share what you love about custom wood work. 

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