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Back to School ‘Firsts!” with Staples & Amazon Kindle Fire + Giveaway

It’s back to school time for most of us, and I know helping my son engage in learning isn’t always easy. Reading is essentially important to any young child, but my son hates books. He’s of the tech age so when I introduced him to the Amazon Kindle Fire in HD  with Wi-Fi provided to me by Staples Canada for Back to School “Firsts”.  Well — let’s just say he hasn’t put the darn thing down!

What I love about the Kindle Fire most is the ability to download all the books you want. But it’s so much more than that. There are tons of cool features for both big kids and small.  Not only can you download books, but music, movies, apps, games and more.  It’s the perfect on the go companion for kids and adults.  

Reading is Important

Trace’s favorite book right now

Trace hates reading books. He hates holding them in his hands. Not like me — I love the smell of a good book. I have to admit though I’m becoming addicted to the Kindle Fire for reading myself.  It’s so much easier, not just on the eyes but the hands as well. I love that you can set your background, font, size of font, and flipping through pages is smooth. It also bookmarks where you last left off so you don’t have to remember where you were in the story.   

Trace loves to sit down and read now.  His latest favorite is Minecraft where a boy is mysteriously turned into a Minecraft character and has to explore the land. He can read it himself or have a voice over which is pretty cool.  Best of all this book was FREE TO DOWNLOAD from the Kindle Store. 

Tons of Apps and Games for Kids and Adults

The Kindle Fire from Staples Canada  is budget friendly. You can pick one up for only $149.99.  It has a built in clock, calendar, contacts. You can check email, post to your social networks like FB and Twitter, download recipes, use it as a cookbook. Plus it has Wi-Fi which makes it easier to use for everyone. And it would make the perfect back to school ‘first” for any child eager to learn.

 Games & Fun

Games are also on the Kindle Fire HD with Wi-Fi and let me tell you they are super clear. I’m addicted to Candy Crush and Angry Birds, and so far we’ve downloaded a few. Trace’s favorites are knight and race car games. But there are also great learning apps for spelling, math, science and more which is great for kids and parents. 

The Kindle Fire HD with Wi-Fi is an all around great back to school item for kids, especially those needing some help in the reading department. For parents you can use parental controls to keep up on what the kids are doing online. The learning, reading, and productivity apps are endless. It really is the best all around tablet for all you need. 


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