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Spruce Up Your Holiday Cards Making a Cinemagraph

Holiday photos grow more and more unique with each passing year. You don’t have to be ordinary with giving cards. Grab the ones you love and spruce up your holiday cards making a cinemagraph with love and laughter. With videos being watched on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, auto-looping on Instagram and Vine, cinemagraphs are a great way to bring life and magic to your photo/videos.

Nutram Pet Products, a holistic pet wellness company with over 30 years caring for pets health has partnered with Flixel Photos, a visual storytelling company, to create custom holiday cinemagraph cards to launch the Nutram #BetterTogether campaign.

I love this campaign! It’s based on Nutram’s line of holistic pet food for dogs and cats that is crafted with Optimum Combinations ingredients that compliment each other for specific health benefits just as pet and pet owners do. As a cat and dog owner myself throughout life, pets and their pet parents are “better together” and Nutram is asking Canadians to create their first-holiday cinemagraph cards to share with the ones we love.

clipletI had never done a cinemagraph before. I played around a bit and used the above 10 second clip to see how it’s done. It’s not hard really. A cinemagraph is basically choosing a still background while something else moves. The above clip is from my son’s Christmas performance. As you can see he moves while everyone else stays still. Then the back row kicks in for a few seconds and it loops again. 

Nutram teamed up with Canadian influencers and their pets to create amazing Cinemagraph holiday cards and they are so cool. Animals are important to Nutram. 

“We put care into our ingredients and know that certain ingredients go better together, much like the mutually beneficial relationship between pets and pet parents,” said Heather McKay, associate brand manager, Nutram. “Our Optimum Combinations are paired strategically and in a holistic way to amplify the benefits so pets can live long and healthy lives.”

Through the month of December Nutram Pet Products will donate $5 to Oxford County Animal Rescue each time a Canadian posts a photo or Flixel with their pet using the hashtag #BetterTogether, tagging the appropriate Nutram social handle. Nutram is encouraging families across Canada to support pet shelters by taking doing their pet photos with their pets.

If you’ve never made a cinemagraph before, it’s not super hard. Here are some tips from Flixel to get you started on how to make the best cinemagraph holiday cards. The top two tips I love are making sure you have your scene chosen ahead of time and using a tripod to steady your shots.

Holidays are important not just to people but to pets. I can’t imagine pets outside in the cold, scavenging for food, trying to stay warm, without homes for the holidays. It brings tears to my eyes to even think about it, and pet shelters are so vastly important for housing these animals until forever homes can be found for them.

So join me this holiday season. Tag your photos with #BetterTogether and create your cinemagraphs to send unique holidays cards. Remember $5 dollars may not seem like much but it’s a donation that can help thousands!

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