Making Things Smell Fresh With Pinesol Spring Blossom

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I absolutely love spring. We just moved into a new apartment this past month, and there was nothing better than down-sizing, purging and getting into the clean of things as spring comes our way.

This past month has been horrible weather wise. No trace of spring in sight, what with snow-warnings, advisories and the cold just keeps coming. I needed something to keep me occupied while unpacking and being cooped up in the house.

I long for the days where I can plant some flowers, smells fresh cut grass and feel a warm breeze filtering in through the bedroom windows. 

But until then I have hardwood floors to clean! 

One of the things I love most about our new apartment are the hardwood floors. Okay, they aren’t real hardwood. They are vinyl planks, but they are waterproof and run throughout my entire place. I love how rustic looking my floors are with knots and etchings making them look almost like barn wood.


Can you guess what I use to keep these amazing floors clean? I use Pine-Sol fresh Lavender Scent usually. Until recently when I started using Pine-Sol’s Spring Blossom cleaner. I love the smell of it. I may not be able to enjoy the outdoors right now, but I can bring a little spring inside with a mixture of Jasmine, Orange Blossom, and Magnolia. Pine-Sol’s Spring Blossom gets things 4 X cleaner and makes my apartment smell incredible! 

My favorite thing about using Pine-Sol is that it’s always easy to clean stuff. I don’t just use Pine-Sol on my floors. I use it on my stove for those damn spaghetti stains that always end up there because hubby forgets to clean while making pasta. I use it on the tub after my teenager has showered after coming from work (I won’t even show you a pic of the tub) save your eyes. I use it to wipe down all my surfaces to make them germ-free.

Pine-Sol can be used at full strength which is how I like to use it by putting it in a water bottle. Or you can dilute it which I often do for my floors. It cuts grease and deodorizes better than any other cleaner I have used. One cleaner which can be used all over the house! 

Don’t my floors look great?  So does the rest of my house. Here are some places you can use Pine-Sol you may not have thought about. 

  • Inside the toilet to remove stains
  • Inside and outside of your garbage bins 
  • Under the sink which gets stinky from all that garbage
  • Cleaning out kitty litter box before replacing it with new litter
  • Washing Walls and even wooden cupboards
  • To clean kids toys (just rinse really well after)
  • Door knobs and light switches 

I love waking up to a house that not only smells great but is clean to boot! Something about having a clean house makes me really happy. I hate seeing junk and clutter, which having a family and kids is a given. But when they kids go off to school and hubby is having his coffee, I get to wipe things down, clean things and make my place ready for anyone coming to visit. Best of all my place smells like spring! 

You can purchase Pine-Sol’s Spring Blossom at most local grocery stores for $4.49 a bottle. Visit today for some money-saving coupons, and tips on cleaning. 

What’s your favorite part of spring? Have you tried Pine-Sol’s Spring Blossom yet? If you have, I’d love to know what you think of the smell? 

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