Spicy Ranchified Shepherd’s Pie Recipe!


I love trying new recipes out, especially if they are super easy to make. The quicker the better where my boys are concerned. One staple always in our home is Hidden Valley Ranch. When it comes to condiments, especially dressings my boys love it all!

What I love about Hidden Valley Ranch is it’s not just for salads. I’ve used it for dips, veggies, potato chips, put it on sandwiches, for pizza and more. I’ve never really cooked with it though. So when Hidden Valley approached me asking me to come up with a gluten-free recipe using one of the three gluten-free dressings they sent me. Of course I was up for the challenge!

Thinking about what to make, I knew I wanted something easy. I hate long make-meals. I also wanted something I knew the boys would eat and love. So I decided on Shepherd’s Pie but with a twist.

Now Shepherd’s Pie as you know can be made a million different ways. You can use different meats, chicken, beef or turkey. You can use any kind of veggie you want. But never in a million years did I imagine using not one but two different types of dressings to add to the mix.

I love that Hidden Valley Ranch has dressings that are completely gluten-free.  Of course they have Original Ranch which is the yummiest. But they also carry Light, Spicy and Cheese for those who have gluten sensitivities but still want the flavor you love to enjoy.  And you can use these dressings like I have to help perk up your foods in ways you never dreamed possible!

Spicy Ranchified Shepherd's Pie

Delicious hearty comfort food! Completely gluten-free recipe!

  • 2 lbs beef
  • tin of corn (check can for gluten-free ingredients)
  • rice noodles
  • Potatoes
  • Hidden Valley Ranch Original Ranch Gluten Free Dressing
  • Hidden Valley Ranch Spicy Gluten Free Dressing
  1. Peel and cut potatoes and boil to mash up using Hidden Valley Ranch dressing and margarine that’s gluten free instead of milk. Add dressing to taste. YUM!
  2. Brown hamburger in fryer pan
  3. Cook a handful of rice noodles.
  4. Add Hidden Valley Ranch Spicy to the hamburger in the skillet and 1/2 cup of water and continue to brown. Taste to flavor.
  5. Plate Mash potatoes first
  6. Hamburger
  7. Corn on top
The mix of original ranch and spicy ranch is pure bang! It’s not too spicy and tastes delicious!
You can add shredded carrots or beans or any other veggie you want.


This is the easiest and yummiest comfort food your family is sure to love! The Hidden Valley Ranch Spicy adds a kick to the beef and the rice noodles add some wonderful texture, mixed with the sweetness of corn and Original Ranch mashed potatoes. You can’t get better than this! I’m proud of myself for this recipe, and the best part is it freezes great for leftovers (if you have any) LOL.

Try it out and let me know what you think.


Hidden Valley Ranch products and other promotional consideration were received in exchange for providing the above recipe as part of a submission in a contest sponsored by Hidden Valley Ranch.

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