Decal Guru Can Spice Up Your Home

There is nothing more warm or inviting than some sense of home decor that screams with flare, relaxation, color pops of fun or words of wisdom. That’s why I’ve always been a fan of Wall Art. Decals for the wall are intriguing, conversation pieces, create a sense of personality that can make a home a home. Now you can spice up your home with The Decal Guru.

Wall Decals


The Decal Guru features top of the line Wall Art and Decals for any room. Decorate your baby’s room with balloons or forest characters. Your bathroom with seashells or your living room with a cityscape. The choices at the Decal Guru are infinite. There are quotes & sayings, floral designs, pop culture, sports and even something for the little princess. There’s something for everyone!

Macbook Decals

Amazing designs to help decorate your Macbook with fun and lovable characters. Minions, Harry Potter, Calvin & Hobbs, patterns and more.

Car Decals

Car Decals are a great way to showcase things you love and your business. They are great for adding pops of personality to any vehicle. Family stickers, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and various others can be found at Decal Guru.

iPad Decals

There are also decals to highlight your iPads. You can choose by theme. Trees, characters, science and more categories to brighten up any iPad.

Your Home Is Where Your Heart Is

So what you put on your walls should be a reflextion of your personality, character, mood you want to share with guests when they come over.  After browsing through the array of wonderful artistry at The Decal Guru, I knew I was looking for something to help create an accent wall for where my new sofa desk and little reading nook lays behind my sofa in my living room. I didn’t want to paint the wall, so a decal was the perfect choice. The one I picked was the Owl Birch Trees  

The birch trees scream seasons to me and they come in a variety of colors from white to black, grey and more. The little owls that sit in the trees are adorable as are the leaves that rest on the edge of the branches. Quite large these trees span out 14 feet across and 8 feet high at least.

Here I am starting on the first tree. The decals are quite large and come on several strips of wax style paper. I advise you cut out the sections but remember to mark them or you will forget which pieces go together. Each decal is labeled red to red, orange to orange so you can piece them out. 

I love the way the trees look. I chose to keep one owl on the trees and I’m using the rest for another area in my home. My color scheme is a turquoise/blue style so the owl matched perfectly. After I got all the trees on the wall, I realized I had them in the wrong order. I totally freaked out.

I wish that I would have known which direction or order to put them in. But I was happy as each decal peeled off the wall with ease without wrecking the wall behind it. Within a half hour, I had the trees up again and in the right order. I couldn’t wait to step back and see the finished product. I was so so happy with the turnout! What do you think?

I absolutely love how this turned out. It creates this comfortable scenery that makes me feel so relaxed while blogging. I love sitting in my chair and looking at the trees on the wall while reading a book. Takes me away to a different place and spruces up my home in a way I find inviting. 

Final Thoughts

The Decal Guru is a great place to purchase any type of decal you need for your home, electronics or car. They have everything you need to get started. Each design comes with a credit swiper to help smooth the decals. You can choose from a variety of colors to help match the decor or theme of your room. And the prices for decals range from $10 and up. The materials used are thicker than I thought they would be, and each decal peels easily away from the wall without damaging the wall behind it. 

Visit The Decal Guru today!

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