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Spice Up The Holidays With Green and Black’s Organic Sea Salt Burnt Toffee

by Jodi Shaw

Have you ever had Sea Salt and Chocolate?  Oh you have no idea what you are missing.  I realize the combination might sound strange, but oh no!  It’s quite addictive actually.  And Green & Black’s makes the best not only Sea Salt and Chocolate but Burnt Toffee as well, just in time for the holidays.

Green & Black’s Chocolate is pure organic chocolate and they are the world leader in organic and fair trade chocolate.  Caring for the environment, supporting organic-farming techniques and finding Fairtrade ingredients… that’s how they do business.  They’ve added two new flavors to their Canadian family with the launch of Sea Salt and Burnt Toffee.  It’s the first addition to the lineup in four years and infused with British ingredients to tickle your taste buds.

“At Green & Black’s Organic, every new recipe is carefully thought out and rigorously taste-tested to find the perfect balance of flavour,” says Brandt Maybury, taste specialist at Green & Black’s Organic. “It all starts with our premium Trinitario cocoa beans. We take great time and care to bring out the distinct flavor that is the Green & Black’s trademark, and we believe each creation must meet our premium taste standards while making an excellent addition to the cook’s kitchen.”

The sea salt is divine!  I mean truly.  I’ve never had chocolate like this, with such sweet and saltiness.  Made with delicate flakes from seawaters of Anglesey – British island rich in history.

Fans of chocolate will also enjoy the crunch of the new Green & Black’s Organic Burnt Toffee.  Delectable pieces of Yorkshire toffee, smothered in 60% Dark chocolate creating a bitter-sweet taste with fruit notes that will have you craving more.

Where to Buy

You can pick up Green & Black’s newest family additions for $3.99 in 100g bars at major retailers across Canada as well as in specialty food, natural health and organic stores.

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