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This Little Sphere Rolls, Plays & Talks

I recently had an opportunity to test out one of the most incredible and ultimate gaming experience toys I’ve ever seen. The Sphero 2.0 hits Canadian Stores, and it’s truly a great interactive game and fun for all ages. There were past reviews done on the first Sphero that caused Orbtix (the creator) of the toy to change how this tiny ball interacts with its players.

There are over 25 different apps and games located in the App Store and Google Play Store users can download. The Sphero comes ready to use out of the box, and when low on battery flashes red and you simply place it back in its holder for 3 hours. Then you are good to roll again.

The Sphero rolls 7 feet per second and pairs with your bluetooth device. It has apps for both Android and Apple and can be used on tablets, iPads, smartphones, and has a range of up to 100 feet. It’s pet proof, water proof (yes it can float and get wet) and ready for any adventure you roll at it.


I checked out several apps when I first began playing. The main Sphero app allows you to learn and control the ball, change its color and how it behaves. You can level up your Sphero by playing games and performing various activities.  The more you use your Sphero, the faster it gets and more intelligent. There is an array of colorful LED light effects, and my son loves how it changes color during game play.

The Rolling Dead


One of my favorite apps for Sphero is the rolling dead. It’s a virtual game, allowing players to roll their Sphero away from augmented Zombies you can see on your smartphone or device, meanwhile you can shoot fire at the walking dead as they try to eat you. It’s totally fun, and difficult to play which I love I must say because it’s not super easy. It engages your brain and you have to think about where you are going and how to control the Sphero while you play.

The technology of Sphero is totally incredible. One of our favorite games to play is the color grab game. The Sphero lets you play with up to six players, it tells each player what color to grab and then you have to snatch the Sphero up on your color. Get it wrong and you get no points. My 8 year old loves loves loves this game!

Pets Can Have Fun Too!

My animals both love the Sphero. Orbitx provided me with a soft nubby cover for the circular Sphero to help protect it from scratches. Harley actually picks it up in his mouth and runs with it. It’s totally funny!  Oreo (my kitty) loves chasing it around the house as I learn to drive better.  There is even a pet app that helps you control the Sphero while your animals have fun.

The Sphero does take a bit getting used to (driving) the Sphero.  If you can drive a remote control car though you’ll have no issues with this. And it can take a hit. We’ve run into walls, corners and what not while tooling around the house.  The Sphero comes with ramps which are cool but are a bit hard to get the Sphero to go over.

Sphero Educates

The Sphero is more than just a toy, it’s robotics at its best! Kids can learn not just how to play, but visually learn how to code, create and command. I love this about Sphero. As a mom there is nothing better than kids learning to as the teacher says in this video create technology not just consume it!

Sphero 2.0  is more than just a rolling bar. It’s gaming fun. More apps are being created for this one of a kind, popular robot toy. I love there are apps for kids and adults, like Sphero Draw, Sphero Pet, Doodle Grub, Sphero Golf, Nebula and many more. The Sphero retails for $130 and worth every penny. Yes I said worth every penny.  I say that because it’s so interactive, gets kids up and playing and thinking.  The Sphero can be found at Future Shop,

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