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Slings vs Strollers: Which One Should You Get For Your Baby?

The battle of the choices between baby slings vs baby strollers which one should you get for your baby is raging on. As a first time mother the choice can be difficult to make. Some parents prefer a stroller over a sling and won’t compromise. While others love the snuggle on a regular basis. So here are some points to help you choose what is best for you and baby.



Strollers make transporting baby easier, especially after their second year. They are great for long walks, hikes, grocery shopping and even gathering with other moms for a baby trail. Strollers keep baby safe while in large crowds, and give your arms a rest from carrying your child as many parents do within their baby’s first year.

Choosing The Right Stroller


Choosing the right stroller is like choosing the right car. It has to fit yours and your baby’s needs. Think about where you will use the stroller. Hiking, biking, walking, or just strolling, you’ll want to make sure the stroller you choose is one that’s easy to assemble and use. Look for quality materials, pricing, and reviews. Some benefits of having a stroller are:

  • Easy to use
  • Helps you get most places you are going
  • Soothe baby to make them sleep
  • Many babies crave walks in strollers
  • Great exercise for mom

TIP: When choosing a stroller keep in mind not all strollers are built the same. Some can handle baby and baby gear, while others can only handle the weight of the baby. Never pack on more than the stroller can handle and abide by the safety regulations of the stroller you are using.



Baby slings are the in thing. It’s a known fact carrying baby in your arms improves and helps with the bonding relationship between parent and child. There are many types of baby slings to look at, and these include: pouch slings, wraps, buntos and more. So how do you know which sling is right for you?

Benefits of a Baby Sling

baby sling red

It goes without saying that baby slings have quite a number of benefits parents can enjoy. Some of these include:

  • Bonding with baby and enhancing the parent/child relationship.
  • Babies carried in slings are known to actively participate in life as they move around, perhaps more so than babies in strollers being mere spectators.
  • Fast learning abilities are seen in babies using slings.
  • Slings also help siblings bond as they too can carry baby with them, and provide mom and easier way to multi-task.

TIP: Mom’s who carry babies and allow babies to see, hear, move and engage rather than just sit are shown to have higher intelligence and are more adaptable to outer surroundings. 

With all this being said. Choosing the right carrier that is safe for your child is vital. Consider your unique needs before making a choice. Last but not least, see to it that you consult with experts prior to making any decision. If you have been having a problem choosing between slings and strollers, do a little bit of research. Above all, go for products that are within your budget range.

Weigh in and share with us what you think is the best. Personally we love baby slings.

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