Why Slasher on Netflix Is A Cheesy Horror Romp You Can Love

It’s Halloween and over the past month I have been checking out every single scary movie I can find. I love scary movies. I hate being scared, but love to watch and feel that adrenaline rush as a horror story takes me on the thrilling journey that can sometimes lead to nightmares.

There are many different types of scary movies. There are thrillers that keep you guessing as the plot unfolds. There are ghost stories to keep you wondering–is there to more to life after death. And there are slasher flicks–good old-fashioned romps where a killer in a mask stalks his prey.

Scary dudes in masks are my favorite, and Netflix has given me the ride of my life with their own Original horror series entitled SLASHER (seasons 1 & 2)

Slasher is awesome. I won’t go into too many details other than to say the story revolves around a young survivor of a horror massacre (Sarah) whose parents were killed (not telling you how) it’s pretty gruesome, and she comes back to the town to live in the house where her parents were murdered.

Sounds fun, right?

Slasher is more than fun. It’s riveting and kept me on the edge of my seat. I binge watched the entire first season in one day because I couldn’t stop watching, as it pulls you into the characters of the town the secrets they are hiding, taking you on a journey where you have no idea who the bad guy is.

The best part–season one ends and that’s it. The story is over. Season two begins with another set of characters in a different location with a different plot and a killer on the loose.

So if you want to be scared. If you want to shout at the tv RUN RUN FOR YOU LIFE! and want a story to watch that won’t bore you to death, then check out Slasher tonight.

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I’ll be watching Stranger Things Season 2 tonight with my son, along with some old school slasher flicks with Mr. Jason Vorhees himself.

Now pass me the pillow so I can hide.

What is your favorite type of horror movie to watch?