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Mother’s Day Entertainment From Netflix

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner and the weather being so darn crappy here on the West Coast, I took a look at some entertainment on Netflix–Shows moms can enjoy watching this Mother’s Day both with their families or ones they can simply indulge in on their own. 

Of course, it’s important for moms to take a look at engaging with their teens, which is why I recommend the very straightforward and well-written drama everyone is talking about 13 Reasons Why to help jump start those important conversations we as moms hate having but ones that need to be talked about.

Once all the drama is taken care of, laughter is always the best medicine. My next suggestion for moms and teens is the ever popular Riverdale, based off the Archie Comics, and hey it’s filmed right here in the lower mainland (just a bit of trivia) or Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life which is one of the best-written shows ever to land on Netflix. If you haven’t seen the original it’s a must binge as well. 

More Great Shows For Families

In our house, Netflix is the go-to show homeplace for me to sit down with the boys and pick out a show either they want to watch or I want to watch but we do it together as a family. That’s the great thing about Netflix. Not everything has to be a cartoon. I have an 18-year-old and an 11-year-old, and there is something for all of us to enjoy. 

The boys helped me with this list, so I have to give some credit to them. But here are some shows we’ve watched over the past six months moms might enjoy adding to their list for Mother’s Day! 

Of course these were the boys first choices with Star Wars being their number one pick. But we loved Spirit, a spinoff from the movie brought out years featuring music from Canadian Bryan Adams and one of my favorite movies. Plus Zootopia and Battleship were tons of fun to watch! 

More Choices

But what about when the kids go to bed and mom you find yourself wanting to watch something a little different. Maybe a zombie flick, a romance, something you know the kids won’t want to watch or shouldn’t watch. I love snuggling in bed with a glass of wine and picking out a movie just for myself where I can laugh or cry.

Some of my favorite Mom Shows

No matter what you have planned for Mother’s Day, remember that Netflix has you covered. There are so many movies, tv shows and documentaries you can watch and enjoy. The possibilites really are endless. 

I think next on my binge list is The Good Wife. I haven’t seen it yet and heard it was a great show.

What are some of your favorite shows on Netflix to watch with your kids or just by yourself? Share them below so we can add them to our list. And we thank all of you for sharing this post with your family friends. 

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