Shop Smarter With Carrywell Reusable Stylish Bag System

One thing on my wish list for the New Year coming is to shop smarter, and by shopping smarter I mean shopping with the environment in mind. Every time I grocery shop I see a world full of cheap, ugly bags, strewn about our home, inside our cars, and what gets me is that we pay to use them. Then I discovered Carrywell Shopping Bag System, a unique and stylish way to shop smarter. 

Carrywell was developed by a husband and wife team who wanted to improve the environment by stopping the use of plastic bags that end up in landfills. And although there are a variety of disposable bags out there, Lisa and her husband Larry agreed to come up with a system that benefitted everyone who used them. Their story is incredible and I’m blessed to them for creating Carrywell. 

So What Makes Carrywell Different?

Aside from the fact these bags are reusable and stylish, the Carrywell System is unique in that it truly keeps things compact and easy to use by keep your earth-friendly shopping bags organized in one easy to carry storage bag. When I first saw these, I didn’t think much until I got my hands on a set and then everything changed. 

The Carrywell comes as a 10-in-1 or smaller 7-in-1 shopping bag system that will change how you shop forever. We keep our 7-in-1 Carrywell in the trunk of our car. Now my kitchen isn’t stuffed with plastic bags and when I go out, shopping is super easy. 


I love how stylish MyCarryWell bags are. I use one for meats, one for canned goods, one for dairy. There are also inserts (netting) for vegetables and fruits you can add to your bags. When I’m done I simply roll them up (after cleaning) and stuff them back into the main compartment and they are ready to go for my next shopping experience.

Many people complain that reusable shopping bags although are great for the environment carry forms of bacteria because people don’t wash them. Carrywell shopping bag system is made of durable quality and high-end materials that allow for easy washing between each use. 

Three Tips to Keep Your Carrywell Bags Clean and Fresh Between Uses

1.) Always wash between shopping trips

2.) Do not put meat and other foods together to avoid cross-contaminating

3.) Rinse your bags well and allow them to dry properly before storing them

Carrywell Shopping Bag System is truly remarkable. I love it so much. It’s a great gift idea to give to someone for a birthday, holiday or just because. Easy to use and clean, store and protect your food. The bags also hold a lot more than you think and are sturdy. I had up to 15 canned goods in one bag that would easily rip using double plastic. 

So do away with plastic bags and pick up a Carrywell Shopping Bag System today. You won’t regret it. There are so many designs for you to choose from with more being added yearly. And another great feature is when the organizer bag is empty it can be used to store glass or wine bottles for picnics. 

Carrywell 10-in-1 system comes with one stylish organizer bag, six large reusable bags, one insulated bag for frozen items and two produce bags. Retails $31.00

CarryWell is a 7-piece reusable grocery bag system that consists of one stylish organizer bag, 4 large reusable bags, one insulated bag for frozen items and one produce bags



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