5 Great Reasons To Love Hairspray

I grew using hairspray as though it were a shield of metal to keep every single strand in place. Back in a time when the bigger the hair the better you looked. Every girl had a can in her locker to spritz with and at least two or three cans at home on her dresser. Today hairspray is one of the most used hairstyling products on earth and not just to keep things in place. In fact, here are a few more reasons for you to love this iconic beauty product.

#1. Taming Fly-aways

Hairspray is one of the best products to use to tame down frizzy-fly-away hair. It keeps the fluff at bay and keeps your hair looking sleek the way you want it. Hairspray is especially great for updo’s, ponytails and any other style that is created where you want smooth hair all day long.

#2. We Like It Strong

Hairspray such as  Joico Power Spray which won Elle Canada’s 2014 Beauty Grand Prix award for the best spray on the market is the best when it comes to strength. We like our hairspray strong, don’t we girls? Stronghold means locking the style into place so it won’t come undone.

#3. Shiny

Hairsprays now have not only volumizer built in but they can lock in shine, keeping the natural oils of your hair where they should be without drying your beautiful strands out.  A good quality hairspray won’t leave your hair feeling crunchy, itchy or brittle, and yet still be able to keep everything in place.

#4. Great For A Blow-Out

Every single time I’m at the salon and I get my hair done, the hairdresser always puts hairspray in my hair. The good stuff. I get home and run my brush through my hair before bed and my hair stays in shape most of the night until the next day. Brush it in the morning and you won’t have to wash it either.

#5. Fast Drying Finishing Spray

When doing any kind of hairstyle whether it’s an up-do, french braids or adding curls to your hair, you want a fast-drying finishing spray to round things out and preferably one that’s affordable. Joico Power Spray is only $19.95 and it smells great. That’s another added bonus. A good finishing spray ties everything together making our hair last all day long and look its best.

What type of hairspray do you use?

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