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Safari Tales App From Kuato

Safari Tales an app from Kuato is super fantastic! I love interactive game apps, especially for kids. My son plays a lot on his iPad and Android device, so when it comes to gaming, I prefer games that are educational, fun, interactive and ones where I can become involved in the play.

Meet Safari Tales A New Interactive Game For Kids!


Safari Tales introduces kids to a brand new world of learning through the eyes of five baby animal friends on an action-packed African adventure filled with fun, facts, and unique stories to engage kids in everyday play. 

From Kuato Studios, the makers of Dino Tales, a game my son loves! Safari Tales opens up a world of exploration, learning and story-telling across the African savanna as these five friends set out to explore their surroundings. 


The game begins by asking your child to put in their name and reading age. Trace put his name in and age 7 since he’s behind in his reading. This feature is fantastic as the instructions are both spoken and read as text, making things extremely clear for him to follow. 

We started the game as a baby elephant with a goal. He found it quite easy to manipulate the controls to move the character around. There are multiple game plays. Kuato Studios creates fun, engaging graphics, characters and storylines to engage your kids in ways beyond their expectations.


Trace’s favorite part were collecting the stickers and fossils in the game as a kind of reward. As a parent, I love there are thousands of facts to be discovered by Trace simply asking questions. Darwin, a talking meerkat can tell you everything you want to know.


There are certain instructions for each game. Darwin is like a walking encyclopedia for kids, answering any questions they have about life in the jungle, fossils, the safari animals and other African topics using a word wheel. This helps to improve grammar and reading in children as they embark on each adventure. 


One of my favorite parts of this app is that there is a storybook where kids can record their adventures. Kinda like a checkpoint. Kids can go back and re-read where they have been in the game and track the activities and adventures they have embarked on. 

To me, as a parent, that is a big PLUS! This provides kids the opportunity to read their adventures to us and loved ones, strengthening their literacy, reasoning, reading and grammar skills. Kids become both storytellers and adventurers. Super cool! 


One of the best things about Safari World is that parents are encouraged to take part in their kids adventures. There is a parent corner just off the home screen button. It can be PIN-restricted, you can set your child’s reading age, control the game length and sessions, and make sure playtime fits both the parents and childs needs. It’s a great way for parents to become involved and watch their child’s progress in the game.


Safari Tales is geared for kids ages 4 to 10 and can be downloaded for iPhone, Android and on Amazon for your play and discovery. Kuato Studios aims to build rewarding and educational apps in conjunction with pupils and teachers to ensure gameplay, learning fun!


Safari Tales Amazon  Safari Tales iTunes  Safari Tales Google

Disclosure: I partnered with Kuato Studios to bring you this information. All opinions on this review are 100% my own and come from actual testing of the app to provide the most honest assessment of the product. Thanks for reading!

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