Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to home decor, I love everything having to do with rustic, outdoors, farmhouse, shabby chic and DIY ideas. I’m utterly addicted, especially living in a small apartment where organization solutions and adding a touch of rustic is something I dream about daily. There’s just something that screams ‘HOME’ to me when it comes to this type of decor. So here are my Rustic Farmhouse DIY Ideas, Pics & Home Decor Solutions for September for you enjoy!

Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom or living room and bedroom. Wall decor is something I’m insanely addicted to. So many ways to decorate. So many ideas. Here are 27 ideas for rustic wall decorating ideas for the living room you can sink your teeth into.

Having a centerpiece whether it’s on the dining table or coffee table adds a bit of charm to any home. I love this DIY Farmbox Centerpiece with mason jars in it which is so easy to make. See for yourself!

From cozy corners to dressing up a dresser. These rustic ideas will have you loving your space. I am in love with how this corner looks all dressed up instead of just a plain dresser, adding some love and personality to the walls to make it a true eye-catching area you can enjoy.

I love my dining room but I always feel like it’s missing something. I never thought adding a rustic bench to my round farmhouse table would do the trick like in this photo (not mine) of course, but what a fantastic idea to add some depth and warmth to a gathering area for family and friends.

Best Places to Find Rustic Farmhouse Decor Items

Dollar store Hacks & Tips

The dollar store is great for finding old jars, mason jars, rustic wooden pieces you can use to decorate your home. You’d be surprised at what you can find to help you create amazing centerpieces and floral arrangements without breaking the bank.

Bidding Wars

Depending on where you live, check on Facebook to see if you have a bidding wars group in your local area. Bidding Wars is a great place where you can pick up used items from others for less than half the price. It’s like an online virtual garage sale. I’ve gotten tons of pieces for my home from bidding wars for $1 or $2 such as all the stuff I use to decorate the shelves on my hutch (pic above) I picked up for less than twenty dollars.

Shop Online

Any of your favorite stores such as Pier 1, Urban Barn, Homesense check for coupons and sales. One website I use is Ebates Canada to help me save money when shopping especially online. You’d be surprised to find you can save more than fifty dollars by looking for the bargains that are web-exclusive only.

What is your favorite type of home decor? Where do you buy your home furnishings from?

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( Photos: Wallart North Star Video Pro / Box by My Home Decor Guide / Cozy Corner Build E Home )

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