Romantic Surprises For The Holidays

Hey, all you fellas out there! I know the holiday season can be stressful and leave little to no time for romance, but it’s important that you and your wife make an effort to stay connected. If you’re looking for a way to keep the romance alive this holiday season with your sweetheart, read on and discover easy and inexpensive surprises that she’ll never see coming.

1. A Picnic for Two

Head out on a romantic picnic and shock the lady in your life with some amazing treats. I know, I know, it’s almost winter, so it’s understandable if you don’t want to head out to your local park in sub-zero temperatures. Well, what if you turn this date idea into a unique event? Instead of doing a picnic under the shade of an oak tree, clear all of your furniture from the living room before she gets home from work and lay out the perfect picnic blanket. Have the food plated and warm in the oven, light candles throughout the living room, and lay out pillows on which you can lounge. Send the kids to a babysitter or a friend’s house for the night, and prepare for her jaw to drop when she walks through the door.

2. A Dinner Surprise

A dinner date may seem unoriginal, but there are things you can do to put some spice back into this tradition. Tell her to plan for a night out on the town, buy her an outfit and lay it out on her bed for a surprise even Bond would endorse. Lay out a note asking her to wear the outfit if she so chooses, and lay a new necklace nearby for an extra touch of class. Rent out a private room in one of her favorite restaurants and wait for her to arrive. Tell her it’s a no expenses spared evening and indulge in some delicious fare for a night that’s all your own.

3. A Delightful Delivery

Sometimes we all need to make sacrifices in life. If your boss is sending you out of town for the holidays, you can still make sure she knows you’re thinking of her and have Christmas gifts delivered to her door. Whether it’s a bouquet of beautiful roses or chocolate dipped strawberries, she’ll love your thoughtfulness. You can up the ante this year by having the delivery come a few weeks early to kick off her enjoyment of the season—and hopefully you’ll get a bite or two.

4. Picking a Tree

The Christmas season is rife with date ideas, and one of the best and easiest ones you can take advantage of is picking out a Christmas tree. If you two normally just use an artificial tree, make this year the year to be different. Take the kids or head out on your own, but don’t tell her about your plans. Just have her bundled up and in the car, then head to either a Christmas tree farm or out to the woods to fell the tree yourself.

5. New Year’s Eve Surprise

New Year’s Eve can be hard to celebrate when you have little ones—early bedtimes and cranky kids make for a hard way to ring in the late hours. Give her a New Year’s Eve surprise and send the kids to their grandparents. Rent out a posh hotel and have it stocked with champagne and a sweet dessert for when you arrive. Starting out the New Year on a romantic page like this is sure to set you up for a wonderful year.

If you’re ready to get creative, then grab that pen and start writing. Memory letters for your wife are the perfect way to thank her for the life you’ve built together. You can write a letter for each year you’ve been together and come up with a memory from each. Put the letters in brown kraft envelopes and wrap with twine for a gift she’ll never see coming.

7. Breakfast in Bed

Help your wife start her day off right by serving her the most important meal right in the cozy comfort of her bed. Get the kids involved, whip up some delicious pancakes and fruit, and head in to give her a relaxing morning eating the delicious makings of her family.

8. A Day of Pampering

Your wife might be feeling the heat from all the hustle and bustle of Christmas shenanigans, but you can make sure she takes a load off by treating her to a day of pampering. Take her to a massage specialist or give her a gift certificate for a spa treatment of her choice. Offer to take care of the kids that day and spend some time with them picking up around your home. She’ll love getting to partake in some “her time” and won’t believe her eyes when she comes back to a clean house.


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    Nice… For third option I would recommend a beautiful heart shaped bouquet…

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