Our Family Is Loving the Roku Express

When it comes to streaming movies and television shows, the options are endless. Traditional television is slowly being cast out, even with shows like the Walking Dead and The Voice. Many people are streaming these shows from their computers and smart devices to watch to cut the costs cable companies are charging for entertainment. Between Android boxes, Apple TV, XBox and PS4 gaming systems and Smart TV’s offering a variety of ways to stream. One streaming device that often I feel gets overlooked is The Roku Express + 

One of the tiniest streaming devices on the market, The Roku Express + packs a powerful punch. I hooked mine up in a snap. The Roku gives you multiple ways to connect as well, including Aux cables, HDMI and even USB to TV, making getting online and streaming fast and easy. It can turn your non-smart TV into a Smart TV which is great if you have kids and and older television and want to provide them with streaming entertainment like – Netflix. 


With its slim set up and easy remote, even my son enjoys using the Roku Express +. I love that I can search for anything from actors and actresses to movies to people and it will show me what apps are available showcasing what I want to watch. 

With the Roku Express + I can download Netflix, Crackle and even apps my own Smart TV doesn’t have like TubiTv with over 100,000 movies to enjoy! Full HD programming. Easy to use remote. Android and iOS apps to help with functionality. The Roku Express + is one of the best streaming devices on the market. That and the fact it only cost $39.99 makes it not only one of the best but most affordable!

What are you looking for?

The Roku makes finding stuff easy. Simply type in what you’re looking for. You can share music, movies, and even your favorite photos too on your television. Above just goes to show Roku users are searching for what they want and finding it with ease. 

The Roku Express + isn’t the only player by Roku. In fact there are several types to choose from based on your families needs, along with televisions with Roku built in which is incredible if you think about that. Being able to stream through Roku straight from your TV without any issues. 

With loads of apps to choose from. Movies to watch. News reports. Sports. Stuff for kids and more. The Roku Express + and Roku line of streaming products will let you watch what you want when you want. The Roku Express + can be purchased at Best Buy, London Drugs, Walmart and various other electronic retailers. 

What do you use to stream your favorite shows?

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