Quick holiday hairstyles for short hair

The holidays keep us women very busy. From shopping to cooking, wrapping presents to planning Christmas parties there is very little time left for us to pamper ourselves. I don’t know about you but I usually live in my pj’s during the week.

However, when the holidays roll around, I often find I have to put on my face, a fancy dress and find time to do my hair as we venture from one place to another enjoying all the festivities the holidays bring. 

But who has time to do their hair? I know I don’t. 

If I had long hair it would be much easier but I have short hair, and finding a super easy and quick hairstyle for short hair is almost impossible. Unless you know where to look.

I came across one, holiday hairstyle tutorial I wanted to share with you from Tony Odisho, who takes a simple band and creates an elegant twist that is super easy to do. 

Prepare Your Hair

In order to achieve the look you want you will need a couple of things. You will need some flexible hold hairspray. My favorite is Big Sexy Hair Humidity Resistant Hairspray because well–I sweat from the back of my head and hate hairspray that is sticky and won’t hold well. You will also need a curling iron or flat iron and a flexible hair band. 

Now to get ready you need to do a few things.

1. Apply your flexible hold hairspray of choice, something to help protect your hair against heat damage from the curling iron. 

2. Curl your hair. Using your curling iron wrap some loose curls around the iron.

3. Break up your curls with your fingers.

Apply Hairband

Apply your hairband at the crown (top of the head) and stretch outward. Do not place it under the hair as you are going to be tucking the hair into the band in the next step. 

Tuck the Hair Into the Band

Starting on one side take the ends of your hair and wrap it around the band. Keep doing this all the way around the band until all the hair is tucked around it and the band disappears.

Loosen & Style Your Hair

Now it’s time to play with your hair. Taking a comb loosen the hair a bit. Don’t make it messy but loose and free looking so it’s not like a tight bun wrapped around your head. This adds fullness to the style. 

Add Some Pins

Using bobby pins go around the bottom and pin the hair to the headband to keep the hair in place from falling out. You don’t need a ton of pins.

Just pin wherever you see a stray hair or where you feel you need some extra hold and voila! Now you have a beautiful, elegant up-do that you created yourself to wear during any holiday party! 

For more information on this hairstyle and styling products that are great for your hair, visit Tony Odisho website.

Photo Credit: Tony Odisho

I wasn’t paid for this post or compensated in any way. I just really love these types of tutorials and thought you guys would love it, too!

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