Quick and Nutritious Family Meals Made in the Microwave

The microwave isn’t always the first port of call for parents but a few handy recipes can save a lot of time and effort, and create surprisingly healthy family meals. This often underused kitchen appliance can be used to make some tasty and nutritious dishes in record time. Here are a few options to whet your appetite…

 The quick breakfast options

Bacon and eggs are a family favourite but frying them isn’t exactly the healthy option. You can however, cooks eggs in a microwave oven in a matter of minutes using a microwaveable egg dish, which can be used to cook or poach eggs, skipping out on the fat. Avoid the frying again by cooking bacon on top of an upturned bowl in the microwave; the fat from will drip down the sides of the bowl leaving crispy, cooked bacon. Scrambled eggs are another option – simply whisk in a bowl and heat in segments of 30 seconds (whisk again every 30 secs) until cooked through.

 The reliable snack or main meal

Almost everyone likes a baked potato stuffed with their favourite filling and they can actually be cooked in around 10 minutes (five mins each side) in a microwave oven. The potatoes are healthy in themselves but it’s the filling that can often cause the most problems when it comes to nutrition. An easy and balanced filling option is to stir fry some tuna, mushrooms and onions, which can then be added. You can, of course, buy microwave ready baked potatoes in the stores or you can go for something a bit different such as baked sweet potatoes.

 Tasty fish dishes

Fish is another very tasty option full of those healthy omega 3 fats and salmon dishes meet both the time-saving and health requirements. The recipe is simple: rinse the salmon, dry, season and pop in a plastic steam bag before microwaving for around five minutes. Make sure to check the salmon is cooked through and if not simply zap it again for another minute. Add some salad, low fat mayonnaise and a few vegetables and your meal will have taken around 10 minutes in total to cook.

If your microwave is currently only being for the defrost button, it might be time to change your habits. With just a splash of creative thinking, you can enjoy a wealth of healthy microwave cooked meals and snacks and best of all, there’s hardly any waiting.

Healthy eating is important, and making meals for families that are less time consuming is great!  We wish you well – eating and happy food times!

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