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How to Know When It’s Time To Put Your Pet Down?

 The past two weeks have been extremely difficult in our house concerning one of our family members. Not human but one of our fur-babies, but still a family-member just the same.  My beautiful Siamese/Tabby cat has been ill lately and we’ve had a few discussions lately as to whether or not it’s time for us to “say goodbye” and putting our pet down.

Sir Thomas (that’s what I named him) because he’s regal and elegant, beautifully classic in every way, shape and form. Tommy Boy is his nickname, among others: love sponge, cuddle muffin, master kitty and best friend.  He’s 20 years old and has been a constant source of love and affection in my life for as long as I can remember.

Lately though, he’s not been himself which has led us to the question: Putting a pet down, How do we know when it’s time?

It’s difficult even considering the idea where Thomas is concerned. I mean he’s been in my life longer than my husband and children. He’s been my buddy and soul-friend. I don’t want him to suffer though, and I know that humans have a tendency to put their own needs before others in fear of the loss and pain that will often follow losing a loved one.  That is not something I want to do.

He’s still eating… drinking … going to the washroom and asking for love…

So how can I know if he’s suffering?  I have to watch and see I guess. They tell you to take your animal to a vet but as soon as I do that, and they realize how old he is. They will just tell me to do the right thing and put him down.  Am I being selfish in thinking that perhaps it’s not time — not just yet?  I don’t know. I’m so torn.

Last week I noticed Thomas’s eyes were watery and red and dripping. I looked it up and yep he has conjunctivitis, a normal condition many animals get, especially as age sets in.  I immediately wet two tea-bags and put drops of earl gray into his eyes and wiped his eyes with tea bags, and within a day he was much better.  Not perfect but better.

I sometimes wonder if Thomas is telling me it’s time?  His personality hasn’t really changed. He’s still lovable and always wanting pets. He’s still jumping up to the freezer to eat his food. He’s lost weight and walks slower than before (of course) he’s old. I just don’t know if it’s time or not.  I know it sounds stupid but … what if I’m wrong and he hates me for doing it?

He’s a cat. He’s MY CAT! I love him dearly. I don’t want him to suffer but I also know that as selfish as it sounds. I’m not quite ready yet. On payday I’m going to take him in and talk to a vet, get some feedback and hopefully I will have a clearer mind over this.

Until then… I’m loving him every moment possible!

Have you ever had to put a pet down due to age? How did you know it was time?

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