woman lying in grass during spring break travel

How To Travel Spring Break On A Budget

Spring Break is coming which means many families at this time are planning their vacations, and can’t wait to lay in the sun somewhere tropical or ski the snowy hills while nestling fireside in a cabin.

But for some families, this no-school holiday means coming up with ideas so the kids aren’t bored, and if you’re on a budget it’s that task can be even harder. So here is how you can prepare for Spring Break when You’re on a Budget and Can’t Travel. 

Local Day Camps: For working families, setting up day camps can be expensive. Look to your local churches and recreation centers for low-cost, fun and affordable spring break camps to keep your child entertained.

Explore Your Surroundings: Often the most fun can be had in your very own backyard. Here in the valley, we have many dairy farms, ice cream shops, petting zoos, local caves and more to explore. Best of all most of these local fun spots are free to get in.

Craig’s List: I know it might sound strange but many people advertise their events on Craig’s list. You can often find local events or happenings around your own town during spring break holiday geared for family fun entertainment. 

Have An All Out Art Day: Get messy. Pick up some paints from the dollar store, some craft paper and get to work using your fingers to create some fun masterpieces. The kids will love this, and love that you are participating with them on their art-capades.  

Go For A Bike Ride: Bike riding can be not only great exercise but a healthy and fun way to explore your town. Pack a lunch, some sweet treats and during your ride, stop at the park for some playtime and an afternoon picnic. 

Swimming: Local rec centers always have loonie or toonie family swim or skate sessions during spring break. Slap on the skates or slip into your swimwear and dive in for some affordable family fun. 

Ferry Destinations: BC Ferries has many local budget-friendly destinations for a family of four. Whether you have $500 dollars or more, you can get your kids away from electronics, and enjoy a weekend getaway. 

Visit nearby cities or towns: Many places near your own home offer vacation rates for the holidays. Take a weekend trip getaway to explore the next town or city. Visit their museums, parks, lakes, and enjoy things you’ve never seen before. For budget-friendly accommodations consider staying at a hostel instead of a hotel.

What kind of spring break activities does your family engage in while on a budget?