Spring Review Hemp Clothes From PrAna Are Comfy As All Hell

Brand prAna | Review Post

I was offered the below-mentioned products to share with you, my honest thoughts and opinions. All opinions are 100% my own. 

There’s something about spring and summer that cause you to reflect on life. Maybe it’s spring cleaning or summer weather. I don’t know, but each year I take a step back to revitalize myself, boost my confidence and figure out how to be the best version of myself I can be, and that starts with how I look and feel both inside and out. 

When it comes to the warmer weather, I like my makeup and hair to be natural. I don’t use a ton of products and don’t like to feel makeup caked on my face. The same goes for the clothes I wear. I like my clothing to feel loose and free, with the ability to be versatile. A dress I can wear out for the evening, I can also wear at the beach with some sandals. Why have two pieces when you can have one. So when the brand prAna offered me the opportunity to review something from their spring/summer line for 2017, I opted to try them out. 

I ordered two dresses from prAna. The first the Amelie dress in black. I know black isn’t quite the spring/summer color, but it’s slimming and being I’m fluffy all over, I wanted a cute sleeveless black dress I could wear to the park with the kids or out for a romantic dinner with hubby. The first thing I noticed was how breathable the fabric was when the dress arrived. Made of recycled materials which is great because it makes the item planet friendly (gotta love that) the v-neck tank was stretchy and fit nearly true to size. I could only get an XL. 

I love this dress because of the semi-flare it has on the bottom. It feels like your wearing yoga gear which is comfortable and makes movement easy. Made for fashion and comfort, it definitely falls into that versatile category I was talking about, and the quality of the material and how it was made goes above and beyond. The stitching was well put together, the stretch had give and although it is a bit on the heavier side (material wise) surprisingly I did not sweat in it like I thought I would. I can’t wait to wear it in the winter with some leggings and boots, or a cute jean jacket with a satchel. 

The next dress I ordered was the Cali Dress in the Summer Peach Botanica Print, and I was disappointed. Not because of the dress but because this dress did not fit me. However, it was my fault. I should have measured more accurately. It was tight around the bosom being I’m bigger than a C-cup. But my gosh let me tell you how amazing this dress is and why I’m so bummed I can’t wear it. 

The Calli dress is to put simply–beautiful! Great for spring, and made for being on the go. The dress has a scooped front with a tank back and flares out with the prettiest print (comes in a variety of colors) and the material was truly the softest I have ever felt. A shelf bra is added for extra support, which is also removable along with an empire seam.  This is a dress you can play tennis in, walk around the beach in, go out clubbing in. You name it and this dress will work for you in any and every way. 

When you are a mom being on the go and being comfortable in your own skin is one of the most important factors of life. That includes being comfortable with what you are wearing. That’s why I love prAna. Not only are their clothes environmentally friendly, made with sustainable hemp or organic cotton. But there is a reason this is important that goes beyond the environment.

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prAna cares about making you feel the best of who you want to be, relaxed, in control and loving who you are. Their clothing is fashionable, comfortable and versatile whether you stay at home like me, as a mom or your out in the work world. prAna has you covered. 

From swimwear to dresses, yoga pants to shorts, prAna’s ultimate goal is to make sustainable clothing accessible and important to everyone. City streets to mountain peaks, clothes that can be fashionable and work with you are important. My only wish is that prAna will someday cater to bigger girls (like me) and move into the plus sizes so that I have more options to wear these amazing clothes to work and play. 

If you want to try out prAna and I know you do. Now is your chance. I left you guys a unique code (for my readers only) so you can pick out something to try at a discounted price. You won’t be disappointed. There are so many cute tank tops, dresses, pants and even skirts to choose from. Plus you will be helping out the environment with every purchase you make knowing you are buying sustainable recycled materials that make it worthwhile. But you have to hurry this code only lasts until June! 

How important to you is to have clothes you can not only feel great in but work and play in as well? Have you tried prAna? If you have then please tell us your favorite item so we can take a peek.