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December Highlight 2017: Pottersville #StreamTeam

It’s always wonderful when I come across a movie that truly surprises me. You know the kind. Ones where you aren’t sure you want to watch but once it’s over, boy you are sure glad you did. That was Pottersville which you can watch right now on Netflix for the holidays.

Pottersville was surprising and although it did not receive good reviews from critics, I liked it.

The story begins with a town that is not on any map. A small town where everyone knows everyone, and a guy named Maynard (Michael Shannon) who runs the general store who spends his life being honest, good and helping others. One afternoon Maynard decides to go home early to surprise his girlfriend (something he never does) with flowers and dinner, only to wind up finding her and his best friend the sheriff (Ron Pearlman) dressed up in big animal costumes where she declares they need some time apart.

Heartbroken, Maynard gets drunk and he decides to try this animal costume thing to win his girlfriend back and puts on a gorilla costume and continues his stupor through town. What he didn’t figure on was being mistaken for the legendary Big Foot. Now, what should he do? This is most excitement the town has ever seen. So Maynard decides to keep the charade going, and the fun is just beginning.

I found Pottersville to be absolutely hilarious. I laughed my ass off watching it. It’s not your traditional holiday movie, no, but it has an all-star cast including Ron Pearlman and Judy Greer. The movie has a dry humor with a heart-touching story, and an ending that makes you realize the important things in life.

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Along with Pottersville there are so many movies and shows you don’t want to miss in December, and yes there may be only a few days left in the month, but you can still catch up and enjoy what you’ve been missing.

So there you have it. Pottersville is worth watching. Ignore the critics. The story is fun, entertaining and different. Make sure you bookmark it to give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. Plus you can catch up on all the other great hits and shows Netflix is offering this month.

I can’t wait to see what comes for the New Year.

What are you streaming?

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