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Post to Instagram From Your PC Using Gramblr

Do you like using Instagram like I do to share pics of your family, food you eat, recipes, blog posts, outings etc…? One thing that has always bothered me is the inability to post from my computer. Well, now you can post to Instagram from your PC using Gramblr.

Gramblr is an easy to use program for both Mac OS and PC computers that allows you to upload, edit, add filters, stickers and post and share to your Instagram account without having to use your phone. Pretty great eh?

Gramblr is free to download and it’s great because often times my photos are uploaded to my computer, I have to edit them, re-download them to my phone then upload to my Instagram account. Gramblr makes it super easy to share photos you have on your computer with your followers. 

Gramblr Allows You To:

  • Schedule your posts
  • 50 plus image filters
  • Automatic cropping
  • Stickers, fonts, so much more


Gramblr also has two unique features. One is called the Rating Game which earns you coins by rating other people’s photos, and they rate yours, this also produces more followers for you.

Coins is the other super great feature. You can use them to gain likes for certain photos you want to draw attention to.

Overall Gramblr is one of my favorite programs. It’s again free to download, not sure how long that will stay in effect. So hurry up and get it now while you can.

Tell us what other video tutorials you’d like to see here on our blog so we can help you! 



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