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Poise has a New Approach to Women’s Wellness

I’m hot. I’m cold. I’m moody. I’m depressed. I have no idea what is going on with my body. I’m too young to be menopausal, right? Wrong!

50 million women across North America are approaching or experiencing menopause. I am one of them. I’m actually experiencing what they call Perimenopause, which is pre-menopausal symptoms.

It started right before I had my son, almost six years ago. I’m turning 39 years old. My mom went into menopause early due to a hysterictomy, and I never imagined I would experience symptoms of menopause of any kind until I was well into my fifties.

What Are Your Symptoms of Menopause?

Well for me they vary. I get hot flashes. I sweat a lot more. I get headaches, which I never got before. I have a hard time sleeping at night because I can’t find a comfortable temperature to regulate my body. I’ve become more emotional over my life, loving my hubs and reflecting on being a mom and watching my kids grow up. My periods have also changed and have become irregular and all over the place, causing extreme cramping and even keeping me in bed for days. Not fun!

Poise brings attention to Women’s Wellness and Menopause

Poise has always been a product I have used, especially over the past six years since childbirth. I’m not ashamed of it, bladder leakage is just another wonderful thing I get to experience as I get older. And, Poise has allowed me to feel better about myself.

So when I heard that Poise had a new line of products geared for women entering or experiencing Menopause. Of course I wanted to check it out, even though my symptoms are mild right now. So I of course enlisted my mother to help me give a few of these products a try.

Poise Products For Women

Roll on cooling Gel $10.99 CDN – Perfect for those hot flashes to help cool you down. Gently roll onto your wrists, neck and chest to help ease the discomfort for up to ten minutes.

Body Cooling Towelettes $6.49 CDN – Nothing like having a cool wash cloth to help ease the discomfort of being hot. These towelettes are perfect to carry around in your purse!

Feminine Wash $6.49 CDN –  Unique forumulation for the intimate area, created for daily freshness that is also hypoallergenic.

Panty Fresheners $6.49 CDN – Discreet and unique, these small circles of wonder keep you fresh up to four hours at a time, to help you feel more feminine without the worry. Each pack comes with 24 fresheners.

Personal Lubricant $10.99 CDN – To enhance those personal and intimate moments. Poise* Personal Lubricant comes in an easy to use bottle, designed to dispense just the right amount you need and easily washes off without hassle.

I get hot flashes constantly throughout the day and it’s not only distracting but often keeps me from going out. After trying Poise Roll On Cooling Gel and Cooling Towelettes, I now feel better and can enjoy my day without worrying if another hot flash is going to come — Kim Maude

Poise is awesome! I love their products. I use their products. I highly endorse them and cannot even begin to tell you as a woman how they have changed how I go about my day. That’s why I wanted to share these great products with all of you because I seriously think, women everywhere, whether you need these products or not.  You should know about Poise and how they care about women.

For more information visit Poise on Facebook, tell them Rants Reviews sent you, we’d appreciate it so they know how you found them. Also give Poise a follow on Twitter @poise

Have you tried Poise? How has Poise helped you?

I received the product(s) above mentioned for the purpose of this review. All the opinions shared are truly 100% my own and come from actual testing of the products to which we share here with our readers. Thanks for reading!


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