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Plugged Ears From A Sinus Infection Can Cause Real Trouble

I have a sinus infection and it sucks! “Excuse me what did you say?” That is my new phrase nowadays. Used at least once a day because my ears have decided to go on vacation, and I hate it.  I went to see my doctor because I couldn’t stand that (uunderwater feeling when people were speaking to me. I had no idea that plugged ears from a sinus infection could cause real trouble.

It began when we all got the flu. I knew right away it was going to turn into something worse for me. Always does. Immediately, my ears plugged up. I got bronchitis which then turned into a sinus infection. And the worst part was, Christmas was coming.

Photo by Russia Penza 

So there I was during the holidays, feeling miserable, practically living in my pajama’s. Who wants to wear clothes when they are ill? Not me. Sleeping as much as I could, to try to get myself better, and be rid of this deafness I was experiencing. But no matter what I did, I just couldn’t shake this sinus infection, or the damage it was causing to not only my ears and my ability to hear, but to my overall health and way of life.

Things you can do when you have a sinus infection.

  • hot compresses
  • heating pad
  • cough candies
  • using Vicks vapor rub on your feet, chest, and throat
  • putting your head over a netty pot or pot of boiling water
  • sitting in a hot shower

I tried everything to get rid of this sinus infection, but nothing seemed to be working. So as my last resort, I hit up my doctor who decided (against her judgment and mine) to give me antibiotics.

Photo by Gabriel Matula on Unsplash

Having plugged ears caused by a sinus infection is like being stuck inside your head (screaming) but you can’t hear anything going on around you. The antibiotics helped (some) but not completely. The medicine made it so I can now breathe a little easier, but it wasn’t a solution.

The doctor had also prescribed me a medical (nasal spray) and guess what? That didn’t work either. I was ready to bust a cap in someone’s a$$ if I couldn’t get rid of this (plugged ears) sensation. My sinuses were completely blocked. I was waking up with headaches almost daily. Going back and forth to the doctors, which seemed to be creating no results. The pain absolutely horrific!

Photo by Asdrubal luna on Unsplash

Suffering from a Sinus Infection Can Cause Permanent Damage

It’s now been almost two months since I wrote this. My doctor said it could be much longer before I get to see an (ear, nose and throat specialist) to help with the situation. I don’t know if I can continue to go that long without my hearing. What I do know is that staying this way with a sinus infection could cause permanent damage.

It’s funny what we take for granted in life sometimes. Being able to walk, touch, see, feel and hear the things going on around us. For right now, everyone’s lips are moving, but I cannot hear any sound. I hope the specialist has some answers for me.

What do you think? Any suggestions? Have you ever had a really bad sinus infection with plugged ears?

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