Let’s Review It! // Playmobil Explorers Hidden Temple T-Rex

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, all views and opinions are genuine and my own.

If it wasn’t for Playmobile I don’t think my boys would have ever learned to use their imaginations which is important for a parent, that their child learn interactive play, and there is no better way to do this than to engage in a big adventure with Playmobil The Explorers Hidden Temple with T-Rex and Stegosaurus with Explorer Vehicle playsets.

Imagine trying to explore Dino Island to find the Hidden Temple with a UV flashlight but beware the T-Rex is standing guard with his head bent down and lower jaw which can open and close, along with his movable arms and legs making him a danger to anyone who dares to pass!

Playmobil The Explorers Hidden Temple with T-Rex has everything your kids will need to explore and play such as ruin crystal eyes, jungle plants and test tube’s which you can illuminate with the flashlight and watch them glow for hours. The door to the temple opens and closes with the press of a button and there is a pivoting laser with LED light (batteries includes) a freight pully, observation tower, and treasure map just to name some of the sweet accessories that come with this 121 piece set.

My favorite part is the T-Rex and how realistic he looks. I love that he moves and can walk, and I especially love the details that went into creating each piece of this playset from the carved out castle temple and ladders to the leafy jungle pieces allowing kids to bring the outdoors inside for hours of play activity.

It’s your job to protect the team as you head out to explore the island with the help of the secret map. Not only is the unfriendly T-Rex a problem but there are enemy explorers a foot on the island wanting to steal the map for themselves!

The Playmobil The Explorers Hidden Temple with T-Rex is perfect for ages 4 and up and retails for a low price of $79.99 available at Walmart, Toys R Us, Independent Toy and most major retailers where Playmobil is sold. 


The Fun Doesn’t Stop There! Playmobil The Explorers Introduces Vehicle With Stegosaurus

I was lucky enough to have a chance to check out another playset in The Explorer series Vehicle with Stegosaurus which is totally awesome! On the island roping, the Dinos comes easy with this all equipped vehicle ready to snag any Stegosaurus who dares run away.

The Playmobil Vehicle with Stegosaurus is just fun and has an array of surprises that include: A crane on the vehicle that turns vertically and horizontally making those dinos easier to snatch. A functioning rope pulley in the rear and detachable roof in case your explorers need more room.
Like the T-Rex the Stegosaurus is fully movable with his head being able to move up and down and arms back and forward so kids can engage the dinos with their enemies, and the best part is each playset can interact with one another, leaving a whole island to explore with vehicles, dinos, enemies and friend’s all around.

This 54 piece set retails for $37.99 and would make the perfect gift for any young explorer you might know.

Playmobil has many more The Explorer playsets which you can combine together to create a vast world of dinos vs men. These sets are the perfect way to unleash your child’s imagination. Here are the other 4 sets in the series.

So there you have it. These great Playmobil The Explorer sets are super fantastic for kids ages 4 and up as they do have small choking pieces, but kids of all ages can play. Unleash their imagination and Dino adventures with Playmobile today!

Are you a Raptor or T-Rex fan?