The Plasmacar Is Fun For All Ages

As a parent one thing I find annoying about the toy industry is how many toys end up in garage sales, sold to someone else, or worse just thrown away because they are difficult to use, frustrate kids, no fun or kids lose interest in them. My son is a child who has two toy groups he plays with which include army men and die cast cars. When it comes to outdoor toys, he loves to ride his bike but that’s about it. Until I introduced him to the PlasmaCar!

I was super duper excited when I got asked to review the PlasmaCar. We went to a church function a year ago for a family festival and they had haybales lined in a circle, creating a race track. Inside they had these little cars. At first, watching the Pastor and other adults ride on them I was stunned. These little cars had no batteries, no pedals, just a seat and steering wheel.  Another thing I noticed was how excited my son was when it became the kids turns to take the track.

The Original PlasmaCar

The PlasmaCar is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It works by allowing the rider to use natural forces of inertia, friction and centrifugal force. To make the PlasmaCar go all you have to do is turn the steering wheel back and forth and it actually moves! There are no breaks, so you have to pull a Fred Flintstone and (use your feet) but it uses no pedals, no gears, nothing to make it move. Built with quality to last for hours and hours of fun!


My son loves his PlasmaCar. He absolutely loves it, and the kids all take turns riding it. I love he doesn’t have to use his legs to make it move. His legs get very tired from bike riding. I love that the car is made well, it’s durable, takes a beating and keeps going.  I love that it has foot grips on it, so the kids feet don’t slide off while resting and riding.   The car can hold up to 220lbs so most adults can also ride it without damaging it.

The PlasmaCar is from the creators of PlaSmart Inc., a company I truly adore for many reasons. They are a Canadian based company that builds and distributes educational toys that are smart and simple to guide children through various aspects of child development.  PlaSmart is located in over sixty countries and has won dozens of awards for the toys they create that bring joy, laughter and enjoyment to children of all ages.

PlaSmart Inc. seeks out interesting, one-of-a-kind toys that meet its ‘smart and simple’ philosophy and avoids toys that are difficult to understand or operate. — as a special needs mom that is something I cannot help but appreciate and love!

The PlasmaCar works rain or shine and your kids will love it! Honestly it is one of the best toys you could ever give them to help them enjoy outdoor or indoor fun for hours.  I love the quality of products PlaSmart Inc. distributes and their philosophy for their consumers that resists the expectation to continually introduce new products for the sake of showing retailers something new. Instead it focuses on delivering products that offer unique value to both retailers and customers alike.

We wish to thank PlaSmart for allowing us to review the PlasmaCar. This is one toy that is getting tons of use and won’t end up in a garage sale anytime soon!


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  1. The Funster March 10, 2014 at 8:13 am

    Wow, the plasma car looks like way too much fun! I’ve never seen the plasma car before but I know my two daughters would really enjoy this. I’ll have to look at the plasma car a little closer. Thanks for the post, I enjoyed reading it!

    1. Jodi - Site Author March 10, 2014 at 1:03 pm

      It is so much fun for kids of all ages. My teenager rides it. As long as they are less than 220lbs.

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