Philips Avent Pacifiers For Baby

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When my boys were babies they had pacifiers, both of them. However we had simple pacifiers, nothing fancy.  Well move over — because now pacifiers aren’t just fancy they are fashionable!  Philips AVENT has a range of pacifiers to help soothe babies when they need comfort and are designed specifically for babies of all age ranges and stages.  So now you, too can shower baby with style.

I love these little pacifiers. I got my nephew a few for Christmas and a girlfriend who just had a baby. Philips AVENT pacifiers are made with the highest in safety standards. They are taste, odor and BPA-free, which is truly important.  These Fashion Girl and Boy Mixed Case pacifiers are bright, colorful and have designs that are just fun.  With user-friendly silicone nipples that are smooth and transparent, they can be sterilized, are dishwasher safe, and come with a snap on hygienic cap plus a safety ring handle with holes in the shield to prevent skin irritations.

Now I know there is talk about the pros and cons of using a pacifier. As I said both my boys were on one. Mainly because I did not want my kids to suck their fingers or thumb. Being a former finger sucker – it hurts the growth and development of a child’s teeth. But also one of my son’s had extreme re-flux and using a pacifier soothed him when nothing else would, and weaning him off it was not difficult.

Pacifiers Can Be Useful!

1. Sucking is a normal reflex for babies and the urge to suck is important to nourishment. Some babies need to suck beyond nursing or bottle feeding and using a pacifier can satisfy that need.

2. Pacifiers can lower the risk of over-feeding baby when bottle fed. Lots of times my son would finish his bottle but still want to suck. Young parents will often give their child another bottle when instead a sterilized pacifier does the trick and provides baby the comfort they often need.


If you are looking for a holiday gift for a sweet baby boy/girl, then look no further. Grab one of these adorable and fun pacifier packs and slip it into their stocking. Mom and Dad won’t be disappointed, and neither with babe.  Suggested Retail Price for the duo pack is $8.49 and can be found at Babies R Us