My Mom Is Having Open Heart Surgery

by Jodi Shaw

Not sure if anyone has noticed but I haven’t blogged as much in the past two weeks. Starting off this New Year wasn’t as easy as I hoped it would be. Some great things have happened, such as I started a new blog focusing on writing more as I get ready to finish up things in the next six to eight month with the launch of my first romance novel. 

The other reason I took a bit of break was to spend time with mom. She’s going for open heart surgery in the next two weeks and it’s been a long battle. Six months of waiting while she sits in heart failure, and the stress of taking care of her and worrying has been so overwhelming. 

I don’t handle illness well. I don’t think anyone does. My mom is my best friend. I don’t want to lose her. I need her to be here for purely selfish reasons of course. I love her and I would miss her too much. Just even talking about it brings tears to my eyes. But I need to share how I feel.

So many people tell me she’s going to be okay. They tell me it’s all right how I feel. They say keep your chin up, don’t stress or worry, but it’s hard. I can’t help it. I just wish the surgery day was here so we could get through it and then help her recover like last time. I just pray everything turns out okay.

Anyhow on top of dealing with mom, we’ve been battling with Trace and his disabilities and the school. We moved right before Christmas. Life has just been hectic. It kinda made not want to blog about anything. So that’s what I did for a bit. I took a break here and there. 

Tips For Handling Stress:

  • Find a quiet room to sit and calm your thoughts.
  • Play some music you enjoy, relax and sit with your hands at your sides listening to wash your cares away.
  • Go for a walk. Exercise is a known stress ‘reducer’ and helps make everything just feel better.
  • Write your feelings down on paper. You don’t have to show anyone, but sometimes getting them out helps.
  • Take a time out to pamper yourself. Whether it’s a long hot bath and glass of wine, or just hanging out with friends. 
  • Make room for laughter. They say it’s the best medicine of all. 

I hope everyone has had a great start to their New Year. It’s hard to believe we are already in February and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I’ll be posting more on projects I’m doing, DIY and sharing articles of interest for you guys.

I love everyone who has stuck by me through my blog career. You mean a lot to me and I appreciate all the support. So thank you!

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Tasha February 16, 2015 - 12:23 am

It seems like every time I visit your Blog Jodi that your colours and logos change! LOL! I LOOOOOVE this one! It’s so pretty! So simple! I’m in love with this theme! Don’t change it. 🙂

On the topic of Depression though. I feel ya girl. I’ve been battling a real nasty depression myself for the last 3 months. I’ve never had an episode last that long! Maybe I’m not just Clinically Depressed? Maybe I’m Bi-Polar! I’m really starting to wonder as I know you suffer with that Jodi. What do you think?

My thoughts are with you and your mom and Trace. Maybe you all get through these difficult times. You know where to reach me if you want to chat. I’m there for you always. <3

Jodi P. Shaw February 16, 2015 - 8:24 am

Best thing to do is get checked. I was diagnosed at 25 with bipolar disorder and I’ll be writing an article about today actually. People can be clinically depressed, for me it was more the highs and lows. The ups and downs affect me and throw me for a loop. Medication keeps me stable, and I’m lucky to have found something that works for me. Anxiety also plays a huge role but it is manageable. You will have good days and bad days. 🙂

I’m sorry Tash you are going through this, it’s not fun especially when it lasts for so long and it can affect everyone around us. Support is important, especially from those we love. It’s not about making excuses but more about having them understand what can be helped and what can’t.

I’m always changing my theme which isn’t great for branding but can’t be helped, it’s part of my bipolar disorder. Ask my family how many sofa’s I’ve owned or dining room tables. I’m always changing my house as well. It’s like an OCD need to switch things up. LOL Glad you like it! 🙂


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