Party Dresses That Steal The Spotlight From Pennington’s

The holidays aren’t just about finding that right present for the one you love or the perfect home decor. The holidays are also about get together’s and looking your best. Being a plus-sized mama, I have a hard time finding the right dress to fit me that is becoming. Something that doesn’t look frumpy or unflattering. I’m also short, many dresses are long on me. But scrolling online I came across Penningtons and they have some party dresses for a steal I wanted to share. 

Short Sleeved Layered Sweater Dress – $80.00

I love this dress, the layers and how it highlights your natural curves. There’s also something warm and inviting about a sweater dress. Worn with mid-length boots, this fashion screams holidays. 

Sleeveless Dress With Sequins & Mesh – $95.00

Super pretty and perfect for date night or a night out for holiday festivities. The Sleeveless Sequin dress is eye-popping and curves naturally around the hips. 

Sleeveless Chiffon Layer Dress – $95.00

Elegant and one of my favorites, this dress with the flowing chiffon wrap makes it beautiful and stunning to wear over the holidays. I couldn’t do the shoes myself but a nice lower heel would look great as you fashion this little black dress. 

Long Sleeve Maxi Dress – $75.00

You can’t take out the maxi from the holiday’s. The maxi dress is long and doesn’t always look the best on short people (like myself) but it’s a definite must for someone. The best part of the maxi is it’s suitable for all body shapes and sizes. 

I hope no matter what dress you are looking for the holiday season you find it. I know I’m going to keep looking until I find the one I want. But these are a great start thanks to Penningtons! 

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