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by Jodi Shaw
I partnered with Mermaid Pillow. I received a Mermaid Pillow to share my own opinion. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

If there is one strong piece of advice I would give to my kids it would be how to make their own money. Understanding E-Commerce isn’t something we think about when supporting our kid’s hopes and dreams.

But what if you could lend a hand and provide your children with the expertise they need to unleash their own creativity?

Tom Sailors, Co-Founder of e-Commerce for Kids & Mermaid Pillow Co has an online course just for kids on how to Design and Sell their very own Mermaid Pillow.

This webinar gives kids the fundamental values and tools needed for marketing, presentation and earning money for their very own pockets.

But what is a Mermaid Pillow You Say…

A Mermaid Pillow is a unique pillow designed with kids in mind. Enforcing positive messages along with crazy colors and designs, kids can create their very own Mermaid Pillow to help spread hope and cheer wherever they go.

Showcasing soft cotton materials, along with sequence backing you can write on. Mermaid Pillows allows kids to create their own business and learn the ropes on how to market their products to sell to consumers who care.

Teaching Kids E-Commerce

Kids (ages 4 – 15) can learn how to design and market their very own mermaid pillow in a 10-part online course created and geared just for them created by Co-Founder of Mermaid Pillow Tom Sailors.

A father of four and entrepreneur, Tom created a great video-based online course which breaks down the step-by-step process that he and his wife, along with their two daughters (ages 7 & 9) used to start running and growing Mermaid Pillows Co. which skyrocketed with success going from 0 to 300,000 pillows sold within their first 18 months of business.

The E-Commerce Program Shows Kids How to:

  1. Create their own pillow
  2. Script and shoot their own marketing video
  3. List their pillow for sale on the Mermaid Pillow website.

What’s even better is that kids will earn $5.00 for every pillow they sell which they can donate to the charity of their choice, teaching them how to give back and support their communities. That’s fantastic!

The Mermaid Pillow is Teacher Approved!

As a mom of a special needs child who has issues focusing. The Mermaid Pillow is a fantastic tool to help my son stay focused, concentrate, calm down when he’s upset. It’s a great tool for not only a calm down center in your home but in the classroom as well. Kids can play with and use the Mermaid Pillow in ways that help their sensory functions reach a level of calm so that learning can be achieved at a greater level.

This Mermaid Pillow offers a fantastic line of Color-Changing Sequin which is a great “gift” for birthdays, baby showers, teachers, classrooms, and more. The Mermaid Pillow can be purchased in a pack of 3 for $99 saving you 30% and if you go online there is a code helping you save even more! These pillows not only help kids learn how to be calmer but are great for:

  • teaching kids to spell
  • get ready for bedtime
  • calm down when upset
  • fun to play with
  • help to improve sensory issues
  • focus and pay attention

The Mermaid Pillow Company carries dozens of styles and colors to choose from making it easy for you and your kids to find something that works for you! I love that each pillow comes with a pillow cover and insert, so if you already have a pillow you love, you can just slip a mermaid pillow cover of your choice over it!

Mermaid Pillow is a great concept for kids. The E-Commerce program teaches kids how to market something for themselves while the pillows themselves help to improve listening, touch and sensitivity skills. So pick up yours today and enroll your kids into the program!

If you got a mermaid pillow what color would it be? I’m partial to purple!

P.S. 2018 Gift Guide for kids and Take the 30 day water challenge with your kids!

( Photos by Mermaid Pillow Co. / Just Jodi )

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