Parents Take The 30 Day Challenge With Zero Water & Show Your Kids Why Water Is Important

Water. It’s a drink we don’t often think of when it comes to our health. It’s also a liquid we take for granted. We use it to cook our food, make our coffee or juice, hydrate our plants and foliage, clean our clothes and ourselves.

But we don’t stop often enough to think about what is in our water when it comes to consumption or even how we are consuming it.

That’s why we are calling upon all parents to take the #30dayzerowaterchallenge to show your kids how important water is to their lives this summer.

We all know that bottled water ends up in landfills. But did you know that even in the bottled water there are compounds that are dissolvable and considered okay for us to drink? They are called TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and according to our government, it’s okay to have these in the water we consume.

TDS Solids can be anything from chemicals, minerals, salts, metals, runoff, and fluoride. Yes even in bottled water. In fact, it’s apparently okay to have up to 10 of these solids in bottled water and up to 500 in our tap water and it’s considered safe!

I don’t know about you but I want clean drinking water which is why our family chooses Zero (solids) in our water from ZeroWater which hands down provides the best drinking water I’ve ever tasted, clean and easy to use systems for families without any TDS Solids found. But let’s take a look at how and why this is possible.

We Are Taking The Challenge!

Our family is taking the ZeroWater Challenge this summer. I was sent a new ZeroWater system to try out, along with some filters and some ready to take anywhere Zero water bottles for us to use. I will admit I was skeptical at first. There was no way a ZeroWater System could be better than (one of the leading brands) I was currently using and have been using for the past 10 years. I was wrong!

ZeroWater has a 5-step removal system compared to the leading brand’s 2-step system, so it removes more minerals and chemicals with its patent technology that works to provide us with cleaner drinking water. In fact, Zero removes up to 99% impurities and even professionals use the ZeroWater system to start their day with the knowledge that the water they are drinking is clean and safe.

I had no idea that the leading brand system I was using contained 116 impurities. How do I know this? Zero sent me a water tester. It just goes to prove they believe in their product so much, they have faith their water will test 000 across the board, and they were right.

ZeroWater just tastes cleaner. In fact, my body had to get used to how clean it tasted, as it used to have more TDS solids in it. I hadn’t tasted fresh clean water for so long. But now my family can enjoy it every day!

Another great thing I love about ZeroWater Systems is how easy it is to not only put in a new filter but store it in your fridge. This 30 cup dispenser system fits snugly to the site of refrigerator taking up very little room. It also has handles on both the back and front, making it super easy to take in and out without dropping it so you can refill it when you need to.

As a parent getting your kids to enjoy and drink more fresh clean water is important. Drinking water helps flush the system, removes chemicals from our bodies and creates a healthier lifestyle for our children for  years to come.

The pour spout is also incredibly easy for tiny hands to use, including my son who has dexterity issues due to his disabilities. He has no problem pushing the button to pour himself a glass of water. Plus the pricing is great. ZeroWater is not overly expensive, so all families can enjoy fresh, clean water when they want without it breaking the bank!

Take the #30DayZeroWaterChallenge With Us!

My son hates drinking water. Hates it. But he’s agreed and has come up with a challenge for all parents to take with their kids. He is calling on all parents to take the 30-day ZeroWater Challenge together starting whenever you choose. We are starting today, but you can start when it suits you. What is the 30-day ZeroWater Challenge you ask?

Trace is asking all parents to try to give up drinking everything but water for 30 days and to challenge their kids to do the same. That means no Pop – Coffee – Juice – Sugared Bottled Water – Tea – Chocolate Milk – (milk for cereal is okay) but nothing else, and for parents to jump off their electronics and spend at least 15 minutes a day doing something fun to exercise with their kids.

If you can’t give up your other drinks, he’s asking parents and kids to add at least 5 – 6 (8) ounce glasses of water to their daily regiment. Or at least 2 to 3 litres a day depending on what your body requires.

Imagine what 15 minutes a day with your kids could do drinking nothing but water and spending time together. We’ve put together a list of activities you could enjoy with one another just to get you started.

We Invite You To Join Us!

Just imagine what drinking healthy clean water can do for your body, and your children’s bodies, and remember to take 15 minutes out to spend time together doing something fun. Let’s all take the ZeroWater Challenge to enjoy the water the way it was meant to be enjoyed — Clean with Zero in it!

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