Pallet Projects for the Home You’ll Just Love

We are a week away from moving, and I’ve been searching Pinterest for some great craft and in home decor decorating and project ideas. My focus – mainly pallets.  Whuuut?  Did you say Pallets, Jodi?  Yes I said — pallets.  Pallet projects are hot right now and you wouldn’t believe the things you can do with them.  So FD, the kid and I have been seeking out inspiration for things we want to build.  We are going to start with an outside deck we can put our gazebo on for the winter.  But aside from that, there’s a few things that caught my eye that I wanted to share and maybe even try out for myself.

I love this idea as a head board for my bedroom, rustic and charming and welcoming when bed time is near.

The coolest sideboard/buffet that is so country looking. That is theme we are going for in our home, country and rustic and inviting.

This idea would rock in our downstairs bathroom. Adding baskets to hand on the wall for toiletries and odds and ends. It’s super cute, except on some of the boards I would chalk out “If you tinkle when you sprinkle, be a sweetie, wipe the seatie.”

Great for dividing one large room into two rooms, these pallet dividers add character and charm I think to any home. I love the lighting and pictures on the divider wall.

What a great idea! For someone like me who maybe doesn’t want a vegetable or herb garden, you can just grow a few in some potted plants handing on the wall with character.

I love this for a family wall in an entrance way. You can swap out the pictures, though I love the black and white shots or even hang your LO’s art work to showcase when people enter your home.

Awesome for adding shoes for visiting guests and helps keep them out of the way. Country and rustic, love the top with added glass for chicness.

Finally, this is going to be our first big project — this table with bench seats. We are going to make some modifications, and I’m going to get my mom to help me make bench cushions instead of individual ones. I will post pics once we are done. I’m super excited. Making things yourself is always fun!

Have you ever made anything out of pallets?

Disclosure: All pictures are courtesy of Pinterest and belong to their respective owners. Please do not steal and claim them as your own. Thanks for reading!

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