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How To Pack Away Your Christmas Decorations Properly

How to pack away your Christmas decorations is a question that gets asked a lot. Packing up your tree and putting your ornaments away doesn’t have been boring. In fact, organizing things and packing up properly can actually be fun, to that next year you won’t be scrambling to find the things you need.

I always take my tree down after the New Year. It’s bad luck to remove it sooner, or so I was told by my mother. I used to hate packing things away because it involved wrapping my ornaments (many of which are glass) with newspaper and other things that took hours. However, I learned a few techniques from dear ole mom over the years, and some unique ways to keep my beautiful ornaments beautiful without the risk of them breaking.

ziploc bags can be reused

Ziploc Bags

Use Ziploc to pack away your Christmas Ornaments. You can use these bags to put your ornaments into categories for better organization. I pack the kids ornaments, then my instrument ornaments, my gold and glass balls and so forth. This way each year when we decorate, I can hand a bag to each of the kids so they can help put their own stuff on the tree.  I also find that this is a great idea when separating beads so they don’t get tangled.

Using bags for Santa’s or anything with white on it also ensures the beards and fabric don’t turn yellow while in storage. I have giant Santas and I use garbage bags to house them.

Using containers is a great way to organize

Plastic Containers

For other items in your holiday decor, breakables, using plastic totes or containers with lids is a great way to store them. All my ceramic houses and larger glass balls go into storage containers. Buying clear containers is great because you see what’s inside them and this makes it easier when it comes time to pull them out.

Saran Wrap Tree & Store

I got this hack from Awesome Jelly. After the ornaments are all stored away, now it’s time for your tree. If you have space an easy hack is to pull out the Saranwrap and simply wrap and store, keeping all the ornaments in place to use for next year. We’ve done this a few times and it’s so much easier to just unwrap and plug in and enjoy!

No matter how you choose to store away your Christmas decorations using bags, Ziploc, storage totes or wrap. Make sure everything is cool and turned off before putting stuff away, and remember to wrap with care. One time a lady put her tree in the box after unplugging it and didn’t wait for it to cool down and her apartment caught fire. Definitely not something you want to deal with.

How do you store your Christmas decorations?

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