Our visit to the Yellow Barn in Chilliwack

So, we are finally done moving! Yipee. That means I’m back online and ready to share with you guys everything that has been going on in the Shaw household. Summer is in full swing, and in less than two weeks we are taking a road trip to Prince George for Corey’s 30th high school reunion. It should be fun!

In the meantime, because of how stressful everything has been with the move, we decided to take a mini road trip and stop by one of the most visited places here in the Fraser Valley. It involves corn, tons of fresh fruits and veggies with some added country charm. That’s right, I’m talking about the Yellow Barn Country Market.

If you’ve never been to the Yellow Barn Country Market, you are missing out. Located on No.3 Rd on the way to Chilliwack, it’s a must-stop place to visit.

Corey I decided to ignore the freeway which is always jam-packed and usually bumper to bumper on the weekends and instead, we made the choice to take North Parallel Rd which is a much nicer drive along the country back roads where you will see tons of farmhouses, barns, cows, and goats grazing in the pastures as you drive by.

It took us less than fifteen minutes to arrive. You can see the barn from way down the road. Of course, once we got there the place was packed full of people. I would expect nothing less. We came to pick up some peaches and cream corn, a Yellow Barn favorite amongst anyone who enters the place.

Welcome sign upon entering the Yellow Barn – Super cool!

When you first walk in, you are greeted with a welcome quote to help perk up your day. Immediately, there is a certain ambiance to the place that oozes warmth, family, heart, and home.

To the right is the cafe where you can dine in and grab a quick sandwich like a Rueben on Rye. Or maybe you fancy something warm, like homemade chili and fries. Either way, the food is absolutely delicious and won’t break the bank if you are looking to stop and have some lunch before getting back out onto the road.

After you are done having some lunch or maybe a triple waffle cone for $5 bucks, you can wander around the barn to see all many wonderful things being sold. Many of which are farm fresh or created by local merchants, such as the maple syrup cart filled with yummy pancake goodies to the wall of honey collected by local bee farmers and sold for way less than the grocery stores offer.

First started as a corn stand on the side of the road, the big Yellow Barn quickly became a must-stop for summer vacationers on the way to Cultus Lake. Locals often come by, craving a fresh cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun, and tourists wanting to take pictures of the iconic red telephone booth end up taking a ride the “Twin Ponies” for 25 cents.

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Aside from the honey and jams and oodles of restaurant and deli goodies the Yellow Barn Country Market has to offer, another thing they are famous for is the fresh produce. The tomatoes are red and ripe. The cherries perfect for eating. The blueberries (a valley staple) absolutely scrumptious and divine.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. In fact, it’s a country market and what would a country market be without country decor? The Yellow Barn has tons of it in stock, cute little items to help decorate your home. Tiny birds nests with eggs in them. Cow Christmas cardholders. Even keychains as a keepsake momentum for you to take while passing through to say you’ve been there.

The Yellow Barn has everything you need to go home and barbecue, make a salad or just cut open some watermelon to enjoy on a hot sunny day!

Big Bins of Peaches & Cream Corn 6 for $5 bucks!

The Best Peaches & Cream Corn I’ve Ever Tasted!

Everyone will tell you that there is no better corn around, and they would be right. Not even the grocery stores have stalked this green and ripe, ready to be shucked, boiled and enjoyed. You can get 6 cobs of corn for $5 bucks. Now that’s a steal!

Each cob of corn is fresh. There are bags on the wall for you to take home as much as you want. That’s right– no limits here. In fact, the Yellow Barn encourages you to buy what you need and more. They even have a shucking station for you to schuck the corn and take it away so you don’t have to make a big mess at home.

Here’s Corey shucking cobs for us to take home and throw on the BBQ!

All in all our visit to the Yellow Barn was great and highly recommend you checking it out, even if you are just stopping in to grab a quick bite to eat. The food is fantastic! It’s amazing what you can find lurking in your own backyard when you venture out and investigate.

What is the best place you’ve ever been to in the place you live? Have you ever been to the Fraser Valley? Let me know in the comments…

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( Photos by Just Jodi )

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