OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effects Lacquer System

OPI has introduced a brand NEW revolutionary nail polish called “Infinite Shine” Gel Effects Lacquer System. It is amazing! I was a bit skeptical at first using a gel nail system that doesn’t require the heater to set the gel to your nails, and because I have always found gel nail polish is difficult to take off. That is not the case with OPI’s new gel shades. It stays on until you take it off.

Infinite Shine Gel Effects by OPI comes in 30 outstanding shades, along with a primer and a base coat to seal and keep your nails looking salon fresh. The steps are pretty simple and easy to follow.  

Like I said I was a bit skeptical trying OPI’s latest lacquers out especially being gel, but it was easy to put on and take off. No light needed. No soaking my nails. Just put on and enjoy for up to 10 days. I started out using a coral type color that is unique as it looks almost pink and red depending on what you are wearing. I absolutely love the color and can’t believe how much I enjoyed using it.

I love how glossy and sweet my nails look.

“Infinite Shine was developed to meet consumer demand for a nail lacquer with a gel-like finish that also boasts the exceptional formula, on-trend colors and iconic names for which OPI is best known,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Brand Ambassador. “Infinite Shine shades are applied and removed like traditional lacquer, but they provide the high-shine and long-wear typically reserved for gel formulas, for shine that lasts until you take it off!”

Infinite Shine has an array of colors for every day living and for the seasons. Rich reds and pinks, blues and hazel, black and tawny. The colors and shades are endless with over 30 to choose from you will never have problems.  Each individual color is available from your local beauty salon’s right now for only $14.95 per bottle.

I know some of you might be saying that’s five bucks more than regular OPI nail lacquers, which are worth every penny in my book btw. But I’m here to tell you as I’m frugal when it comes to beauty supplies and buying things, I would pay that amount for one bottle of nail polish like this. I haven’t had to touch up my nails for the past seven days, and that’s doing dishes, laundry, being outside, typing and what-not!

If you haven’t given OPI’s Infinite Gel Effects System a try you are missing out. My next goal is to pick up some new colors and add some jewels or two as the nails are so shiny I can only imagine how fantastic my nails would look with rhinestones or two-toned.

For more information visit OPI www.opi.com. Follow OPI on Twitter @OPI_Productsand become a Facebook fan to follow all the latest and greatest OPI products and tutorials on how to make your nails the best looking they can be.


  1. janie Kiggins April 4, 2015 at 11:05 am

    I just need to know if I can use primer, lacquer and gloss on acrylic nails.

    1. Jodi P. Shaw - Site Author April 5, 2015 at 10:28 pm

      I’ve used primer, and gloss acrylic nails, depending on whether or not you got them done in the salon or store bought. Using gel or primer is fine you just might have to reapply the nail if you soak the polish off. Otherwise just be careful when removing the polish, use a q-tip instead of dipping or soaking the finger and nail. Hope that helps

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