OPI Hello Kitty: Bow Me Away Nail Tutorial

If you love OPI like I do, then you know how crazy I went when they released the Hello Kitty Collection in January of this year. The colors are suited to everything that is fun, wild, wacky, sweet and all wrapped up bows. 

Hello Kitty 1

I love the colors in this collection. Yes, pink is one of my favorite colors. So finding different hues of pink in one whole collection just makes my day. The colors are bold, bright and fun! 

  • Kitty White: Pearly and girly white
  • Charmy & Sugar: Sparkly pink with hues of blue glitter
  • Let’s Be Friends: Cotton Candy style pink
  • Look at my Bow: Pretty girl pink
  • Small & Cute: Baby girl pink and fresh
  • Spoken from The Heart: A rich deep coral color
  • Starry Eyed for Dear Daniel: Very pretty glitter with grainy finish
  • Super Cute in Pink: A real true pink
  • My Twin Mimmy: Yellow Mellow
  • 5 Apples Tall: True Red and Candy Coated
  • My Pal Joey: True Blue
  • Never Has Too Mani Friends: Ink Black

With so many wonderful pinks, white and sunny colors to choose from there’s a lot you can do to play around with your nails. One of my favorite looks is Bow Me Away using a variety of pinks and white to create a scalloped design. The video above showcases using gel polish but you can do this with regular polish as well.

OPI Hello Kitty is available in local salons, including Sally’s Beauty, Chatter’s and Envirotrends here in the Fraser Valley and each bottle retails for $11.50 CDN. So pick and choose your colors or jump in and grab the whole collection!