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OPI Celebrates 10 Years of AvoJuice

OPI is celebrating by sharing their new line of Avojuice skin cream with OPI Sweet Tea Skin Quenchers and they are doing it just in time for their anniversary. 10 years ago OPI introduced its very first Skin Quencher, and I was thrilled back then. I’m even more thrilled now to try this brand new scent to see how it compares to the rest.

OPI Sweet Tea smells incredible. Not for eating, though once you take a whiff of this beautiful smooth and rich lotion, you may want to grab a mug and fill up. OPI Sweet Tea has a light ‘tea bag’ scent that is pleasing to the senses. Combined with an enticing blend of red tea and succulent melon fragrance. Once you put OPI Sweet Tea on, it just feels like you are wearing summer all around you.

What I love Avojuice is that the cream is cooling. It feels great when your skin is dry, keeps your skin feeling soft which for me is a must, especially when the weather lately has been so extremely dry, even when it’s raining. After a bath, I just put Avojuice on my arms, hands, feet and I feel refreshed. The incorporation of avocado and aloe extracts is another thing I love about all Avojuice products, since aloe has a healing element that is just so good for your skin! – Jodi

OPI Avojuice Skin Quenchers Hand & Body Lotion in Sweet Tea is available at professional salons everywhere. The suggested retail price is $9.95 CAN for a 200ml bottle, and let me tell you, it’s worth it. It lasts a long time because you don’t have to use too much.

Have you tried Avojuice? If you have, what is your favorite Juice fragrance?

Sponsorship Note: Just Jodi is an OPI Ambassador. I receive products to produce, style, and promote this digital content. All opinions and thoughts about these products are 100% my own.
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