OPI California Dreamin Collection

OPI California Dreamin brings to life one of my Beach Boys songs ever since I was a kid and now is one of my favorite collections of the summer. The sun, surf, and sand created in vibrant, beachy lacquers for your nails. After seeing these colors, you will instantly fall in love with them. So let’s check out the OPI California Dreamin set shall we? 

I have to say this is the first collection in a long time I’ve got big hearts for from OPI. Some of the polishes lately haven’t been staying on very well or bleeding into the skin around my nails. I think I was near tears wondering if they had actually changed up their formula. Well, I’m here to say that they haven’t and these colors will not only put you in the summertime mood, but make you want to actually step outside to show off your pretty fingers and toes to everyone around you!

My California Dreamin set came in this retro metal kit which I have to say is just utterly cool with a bear and star on it, and something worth keeping. Inside the lunch kit though is what really matters. This collection has 12 different shades that explore Northern California to Wine Country and all the way from Santa Monica Pier to Disneyland.

You can pick up this set in both regular lacquer or OPI’s amazing Infinite Shine, a gel-based system using a top coat, polish and shiny sealer for added longevity. But enough about that. Let’s look at the colors.

Excuse Me, Big Sur!

This is a pinky rose color is fresh and subtle. Makes me think of sandy beaches, seashells and Pina Coladas.

To The Mouse House, We Go
Nothing says California like a stopover at Disneyland. This red is a bright red, reminding me of Mini-Mouse whom I met on my visit to Disney. I know she’d loved to wear this shade. Would you?
 Santa Monica Beach Peach
I wouldn’t exactly call this shade a peach as it’s a mixture of red and orange, wild and fun like the carnival games that go on at the Santa Monica Pier.
 Don’t Take Yosemite for Granite
And granite in color this is. Like dark rich rock against the back of a night sky. I’ve never been to Yosemite, it’s on my bucket list. However, having this color in my collection reminds me of smoke clouds around a campfire. It’s one of my favorite colors in the collection!
 This Is Not Whine Country
Rich pink color that looks amazing on your toes. I am in love with this pink and it does remind me of my blush wine I like to indulge in on a lazy sunny afternoon while enjoying a good book around the pool.
 Malibu Pier Pressure
I can see this as part of the coastal view of California. This and Yosemite would be paired quite nice in a Nail Art tutorial. I just may have to do one up. I love how natural this one is. Note: I had to use three coats to get a solid base on my nails.
 Feeling Frisco
This one is supposed to remind you of San Fransico. I don’t see it. It’s more a wedding color, light and nude and basically natural. Great for dinner out under the stars or for sticking your toes in the sand to make them match.
 Sweet Caramel Sunday
Another favorite of mine. It’s like the color of a penny. I miss pennies. This rose gold hue looks incredible with any color you wear and is so shimmery under the shining sun.
 Me, Myselfie & I
This is a coral color that is rich and bold and reminds me of a vineyard along the coast. As bright as the sunshine itself, this color is just vibrant and fun!
 Barking Up The Wrong Sequoia
Sometimes, I’m not sure how OPI comes up with their lacquer names but this one hits the mark with its color. It’s a light peach, almost new like a baby’s skin. Perfect for wearing to work out traveling abroad.
So there you have it. OPI’s California Dreamin in rich merlot and punchy pinks, orange and coral hues, and warm shades of rose, pink, peach and nude.  Each lacquer can be purchased wherever OPI is sold for $13.50 CDN and comes in some pretty cool gift sets as well.

What’s your favorite color in this collection? Which ones have you tried?

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  1. Lynda Cook June 12, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    Those are all very nice shades, I love all of them!!


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