Why It’s Okay To Set And Break New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year you guys! I can’t believe it’s 2018. I remember as a kid watching 2010 Space Odyssey in class and thinking how unrealistic that date in time was. It seemed so far away but here we are. Funny how time flies. With the new year comes the dreaded task of making resolutions. I know some people do them diligently and some don’t bother because they know they will just end up breaking them. I’m on the latter portion of the scale usually. But this year, I decided to make a list because I have come realize it’s okay to set and break New Year’s resolutions.

Get Healthy

I think this is a big one on everyone’s mind this year. Eating right. Exercising. Doing more to stay fit. For myself, this has been difficult due to the severe back pain I’m having almost daily. In the last two years, I struggled with cancer but came out on the other end. Yet, I know I’m a gluten for punishment. I am my own worst enemy. So, this year I am going to focus on cutting back my carbs and doing as much exercise as I can to help my body get in better shape.

Less Tech Time More Family Time

One of my resolutions is less computer/video-game/youtube/phone/tablet/anything-that-plugs-in time, and more together time. Plan a date night once a week with your kids. Go to the library, swimming pool, mini golf and just enjoy time with them. Also, don’t forget to include time for you and your spouse. Tuck away the electronics and reconnect with one another.

Photo by: Brodie Vissers

Being More Organized

I’m a huge paper and pen collector. Clutter is still something I’m working on and minimizing my space. Receipts, bills, letters always get lost in the shuffle. This year I’m going to work at being more organized. I’m creating a bullet journal (something I will blog about soon) and proving to myself that being organized is more functional for my lifestyle.

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No More Financial Woes

Eating healthy is great. Being organized is even better. However, the big resolution of the year for most people is going to be about money. Getting finances in control is an absolute must for 2018. Everything is getting more expensive and I know that DH and I are tired of struggling. This year I’m going to look at apps that help you control your budget, journaling my bank balances, and being more frugal when it comes to shopping.

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