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5 Tips For Dress Shopping For Valentine’s Day

by Jodi Shaw

It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I personally enjoy the holiday of love, especially since it’s a day I get to doll myself up, go out with my hubby and enjoy a nice dinner, maybe some dancing, a photo shoot, meet up with some friends, listen to jazz. The possibilities are endless.

Hubby and I just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in December, and our very first real date was on Valentine’s Day. This year I’m looking for a women’s fancy dress, something to catch my man’s attention so I can take him for a night out on the town (without the kids). I’ve found some many fabulous dresses online, and since I did quite a bit of shopping online over Christmas, I thought there’s no better place to find that WOW dress to impress and yes even make this mama feel beautiful and romantic.

There are a ton of beautiful dresses online. Pinterest has a great selection especially for plus size gals like myself. Finding a dress that fits me properly because I’m height challenged can a bit of a daunting task. The dress is either too long or fits like a shirt and I have to wear leggings. But I find using social media, blogs and just plain ole GOOGLE allows me to find dresses that not only ship to Canada for less than the price it would cost me to find what I need in a store. But I’m getting a dress that fits and looks amazing to boot.

Five Tips to finding the right Dress!

Keep your body type in Mind: Everyone has flaws so when it comes to finding a dress you want to accentuate your curves and all that works and downplay the things that don’t. A dress has to fit right and since we are all different shapes and sizes, make sure you choose the dress that fits you and your body just right.

Color is everything: When you hear someone say “Oh that green brings out the color in your eyes” take note. Not all colors look good on all people. For example, green is not a color for me. Neither is orange or white. Tawny, black, red even coral and teal are colors that I love but I can’t always pull them off. So when buying the right dress make sure the colors are right for you.

Length Matters: If you are going dancing you might think a long dress is just right. But do you really want something dragging on the floor? Or maybe a low cut knee dress is perfect but then when you bend over you are showing the world your sunshine. Length matters, so depending on what you are doing in your dress, make sure you choose the right length for the right activity.

Check the Material: Nothing is worse than buying a gorgeous dress only to discover you spend the night itching, uncomfortable and praying to get home to get it off because you can’t stand the material. Material matters when it comes to dress shopping. Tweed, Chiffon, Lace, Silk, Spandex, Cotton and the list goes on. Choose the right material because no matter how great the dress looks, it has to feel fantastic ON for you to enjoy it!

Shop Around & Check Shipping & Return Policies: Buying a dress online doesn’t have to be scary. You can find something affordable and well within your budget. But make sure you check with the company their policies on shipping, duty, taxes and returns. You don’t want to buy that perfect dress and find out it isn’t quite what you want and you can’t return it, or that it’s going to cost you an arm and leg to get it shipped direct.

I’m still on the hunt for that fancy dress for my big date night. Not sure what hubby and I are going to do but I know dancing and music and having a good time is all I wish for. I hope the rest of you have the best Valentine’s Day ever. Be sure to check out our Valentines Gift Book for some great articles and products to help make your Valentine’s Day special!

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Jasmine Cole July 29, 2015 - 11:16 pm

Great tips for buying a dress online. So many women pick and buy a dress for the Valentine’s Day. And many online stores offer a wide range of cute dresses at a great price which makes easy to find and buy the perfect dress for this special day.


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